Chapter 114 - You Don’t Stand A Chance Among My Men

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Chapter 114: You Don’t Stand A Chance Among My Men

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Yan Qingsi gave Yue Tingfeng the glad eye and said, “Of course I am good, I have had so many men. Why don’t you try me?”

Yan Qingsi, unlike other women, had always been provocative. The other women would act all pure and innocent in front of him, whereas Yan Qingsi preferred to be the opposite. She was acting all bad and flirtatious like a vixen.

What she just said would normally get under his skin but he had heard it too many times to be bothered. It seemed to him like she was deliberately acting all tough and picking fights—she was trying too hard.

Hearing how Yan Qingsi tried to paint herself black made Yue Tingfeng really uneasy.

He misunderstood her as someone unruly and wayward before. But now, he just thought that she need not put up a front like that.

Yue Tingfeng said, “Alright, I’ll have a go. Let’s see if you are really good or you were just bragging.”

Yan Qingsi was taken by surprised. “Tsk, I don’t have time for you today,” she announced as she pushed him away.

Yue Tingfeng pulled her back into his arms and uttered, “You don’t have a choice.”

Yan Qingsi jeered, “Right, it doesn’t matter to you if I don’t agree. Just like you came barging into my room even though I’ve never allowed it.”

She ran her finger on the shirt he was wearing and continued. “The magnificent CEO Yue even put on my shirt, aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

“What is there to be afraid of? Only you have seen it so far.”

Yue Tingfeng’s hands trailed along Yan Qingsi’s nightdress as he took it off. He has put up with it last night and held his desire in. He could not wait any longer, he wanted her badly.

Yan Qingsi did not struggle. “I have my period. Bring it on if you don’t mind blood on your thing.”

Yue Tingfeng growled. ‘Oh, fuck it!’

Speaking through his clenched teeth, “Didn’t you know that I was always this kinky?”

Yue Tingfeng tore off Yan Qingsi’s nightdress and wanted to see if it was true.

Just at that moment…

“Miss Qingsi, the director is asking for you to be in his room. He wants to talk to you about your role.”

Xiao Xu shouted from the other side of the door. His voice was so loud he could be heard by the entire floor.

Yue Tingfeng was so pissed that his face darkened.

This was the second time. SECOND TIME. He was again interrupted by Xiao Xu, that little sh*t.

Yan Qingsi was amused to see how annoyed Yue Tingfeng was.

Yan Qingsi pushed Yue Tingfeng away and said, “Sigh. Mr. Yue, I guess today is just not your day, huh?”

Yan Qingsi pulled out her clothes from the luggage and started changing in front of Yue Tingfeng.

She was doing it on purpose to challenge him. ‘Come on! I dare you.’

Yue Tingfeng gritted his teeth. “Discuss your role? Why must it be in the director’s room?”

Yan Qingsi removed her nightdress and put on her dress slowly. “Yeah, otherwise? Would you like to come with me? I don’t mind if you tag along. It certainly brings no harm to me if people see me associate with the Yue mogul.”

Yue Tingfeng lifted his eyebrows and stood up. “Alright, let’s go.”

Of course, Yue Tingfeng did not go in the end.

He got a phone call. After hanging up the call, he grabbed Yan Qingsi up abruptly, pushed her against the wall and kissed her forcefully.

His strong arms anchored her body in place so she had no choice but to take the pleasure he was giving her. She desperately tried to break from the onslaught of his mouth but to no avail.

After he had drawn the last breath out of her, he said, “I’ve got things to do. I can’t go with you. See you tonight!”

Yan Qingsi wiped her lips. “Just how important do you think you are. There are so many men in the crew, you really have no chance among them.”

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