Chapter 115 - Trying to Get Your Hands on My Man? You’re Playing with Fire!

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Chapter 115: Trying to Get Your Hands on My Man? You’re Playing with Fire!

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“Tsk, would it kill you not to say something like this?” Yue Tingfeng asked angrily.

“Nah, it won’t kill me. I just don’t feel comfortable.”

“Fine. I will let you be comfortable for now. Let’s see how I punish you tonight.”

Yan Qingsi laughed coldly. “Ok. You’re the ‘grandson’ if you don’t come tonight.”

Yue Tingfeng nibbled Yan Qingsi lightly and said, “I’ll call you granny if I don’t come tonight.”

He left after saying that.

Yan Qingsi smiled as she watched him disappear away with his phone.

She was just an actress that debuted not long ago. If the rumors of her being associated with the Young Master Yue of Luo City got leaked out on the news, she would be famous already. But for Yue Tingfeng…he would never ever let this news surface. This would ruin the Yue Clan.

Men, they are two-faced. They were all nice when they wanted you, but after that, their true colors would come out.

Never ever trust men.

Yan Qingsi got ready to meet Director Feng Jun.

Director Feng discussed her role with her. He wanted to give her a few more scenes because he was unhappy with Xu Qianxi’s performance. He was impressed with Yan Qingsi’s talent and dedication at work. He thought that even though Yan Qingsi was ill-tempered, she was still magnanimous. She was a rare piece of gem.

Yan Qingsi was definitely pleased that Director Feng thought so highly of her. She could not wait to get more scenes.

The camera was rolling in the afternoon – it was a scene where Yan Qingsi harmed the kid of a concubine, which was played by Xu Qianxi. The concubine would come to confront Yan Qingsi after finding out the truth. It was a pretty simple act.

Once the action started, Xu Qianxi got into the mood real fast. It was easy to play a mother with great hatred toward her enemy after she had lost her child. She performed the act very well because that was exactly how much she hated Yan Qingsi!

The palace maid pushed Xu Qianxi away who was charging toward Yan Qingsi and held her arms at the back of her body. Yan Qingsi was dressed in a bright red palace dress. She had a wicked smile at the corner of her lips as she walked over slowly and gracefully. The ornaments on her head were moving side to side according to the rhythm of her steps.

Yan Qingsi bent down and grabbed Xu Qianxi’s chin. She had a wide, evil grin on her face. “Yes, it’s me. What are you gonna do about it? The Emperor belongs to me. Did you try to get your hands on my man? You’re playing with fire!”

Xu Qianxi struggled frantically.

‘Smack!’ Yan Qingsi gave Xu Qianxi a tight slap on the face.

The director then yelled, “Cut… Well done! Let’s keep this momentum going. This is fantastic. Actors, get ready for the next scene.”

The crew member came quickly to rearrange the props for the next shooting. No one paid attention to Yan Qingsi and Xu Qianxi.

Xu Qianxi held her red cheek in her palm and stared hard at Yan Qingsi. Her eyes flashed with anger and hatred. “Yan Qingsi, don’t you dare lay your hands on me again! You’ll be sorry if you do.”

Yan Qingsi lifted her brows. “Oh, you like to be slapped on the face? Why don’t you tell me earlier? I’m willing to be at your service.”

“You… Oh yeah, oh yeah. You better watch out! I’ll get you for this. I’ll pay you back double for whatever you’ve done to me today!”

“Wow, double! Then I must give you more to work on it,” said Yan Qingsi slowly.

Xu Qianxi felt uneasy right away. “What do you want to do?”

Yan Qingsi grabbed Xu Qianxi and dragged her along forcefully.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re colleagues. We should hang out and talk about our next scenes.”

Xu Qianxi struggled with every ounce of energy in her body but Yan Qingsi was so much stronger. Her agent and assistant were talking to the assistant director in the far background and none of them had noticed her.

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