Chapter 116 - Believe Me, I’ll End You Right Now

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Chapter 116: Believe Me, I’ll End You Right Now

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Yan Qingsi then dragged Xu Qianxi into a nearby prop room, shoved her onto a chair and sat her down.

Xu Qianxi was so scared that her knees became weak. “What the f*ck are you going to do?”

With a stretch of her neck, Yan Qingsi remarked, “What the f*ck am I going to do? I can’t f*ck you since I ain’t a guy.”

Xu Qianxi’s face reddened up. “You… You are shameless…”

That was the first time in Xu Qianxi’s life that a woman had said those words to her and nothing about it was normal. Her fear and dread increased as she looked at Yan Qingsi.

Holding up Xu Qianxi’s chin, Yan Qingsi said, “Tsk. Didn’t you say that I slept with the entire male cast at least once? Why should a woman like me be worried about my dignity?”

Xu Qianxi shuddered and pleaded, “Don’t mess around, I have someone powerful backing me…”

One of Yan Qingsi’s hands held both of Xu Qianxi’s wrists, while the other grabbed her hair and pulled it down causing Xu Qianxi to wail in anguish.

Yan Qingsi asserted unhurriedly. “Don’t worry. I won’t wait until that someone shows up… You’ve never experienced being raped by a girl, I assume? Would you like to try it today?”

“Pervert, you pervert… Yan Qingsi, you useless b*tch. Just wait, if you dare to do anything to me, I’ll make sure you’ll die tomorrow without knowing how you ended up dead…” Xu Qianxi shrieked. She was so petrified that her face was completely drained of blood.


Yan Qingsi gave her a tight slap across the face. Xu Qianxi saw stars and the corner of her mouth ruptured. The taste of blood filled her oral cavity entirely.

An intense fear caused Xu Qianxi to shed tears.

Yan Qingsi’s face turned completely cold. “Xu Qianxi, you’d better f*cking stop playing the fool. And don’t even think about threatening me. Throughout the years, I’ve never been afraid of anyone before. If you want to fight with me, believe me, I’ll end you right now.”

She looked at Xu Qianxi with disdain. “I don’t want my hands to get dirty with b*tches like you. Do you really think I don’t know what you’re doing in the assistant director’s room every night? The f*ck are you acting all pure in front of me when you’re a filthy slut that sleeps around?”

Never did Yan Qingsi get involved with the elite, upper-class, and educated crowd. Her life experiences were in the lowest, darkest, and cruelest ring of society, where it was a constant struggle of life and death.

One look was enough for her see through Xu Qianxi’s trashiness.

Startled, Xu Qianxi shivered. “You…you…how did you know?”

Yan Qingsi smirked icily. “I know more than you think. You’d better behave yourself next time and stop showing me that long face whenever I’m in front of you. Otherwise, I’ll slap you every time I see you, and I don’t believe that your face will continue staying pretty if I slap it that much…”

Hugging her head and crying, Xu Qianxi said, “I won’t dare to do it anymore. I won’t dare to do it ever again.”

Yan Qingsi let go of her. “Don’t you be getting any stupid ideas. Those who go against me are either dead or have one foot in the grave.”

Deep down, Xu Qianxi wanted nothing more than to dismember Yan Qingsi into countless little pieces, but she was an actress after all. She cried until her face went pale, and her expression was filled with dread and misery. “I know. I really won’t do it anymore. Miss Qingsi, I beg you. Please let me go. I’ll mind my own business in the future.”

Yan Qingsi pursed her lips, thinking that the woman in front of her was someone who was on course to court death.

“Don’t forget your own words. Go.”

Xu Qianxi covered her face and ran off miserably.

Yan Qingsi dusted her sleeves and prepared to leave.

However, out came a person from behind one of the hanging costumes.

Yan Qingsi looked over, twitching the corner of her lip. “Well, if it isn’t Mr. Qin, our movie’s emperor. Why are you being all silent here?”


Rich Man Yue: Meeting a man behind my back? Just you wait, I’ll attack you with a knife!

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