Chapter 117 - Don’t Even Think About Getting Your Hands on My Woman

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Chapter 117: Don’t Even Think About Getting Your Hands on My Woman

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Yan Qingsi sighed, blowing a puff of hair onto her bangs. She began noticing a pattern—someone would always catch her when she was up to no good. ‘What is this? Why can’t I go around doing bad stuff in peace?’

Qin Jingzhi looked at Yan Qingsi. ‘Her hand? Beautiful. Her face? Gorgeous as well. But that heart of hers is truly vicious.’

A woman raping another woman? That was not something a woman ought to be saying.

“Don’t mess around with Xu Qianxi’s backer. If she wants to come for you, you won’t be able to deal with it.”

Yan Qingsi looked at her own hand. Having used quite some force earlier, her palms were still red. She remarked coldly, “If I was really afraid of her backer, I wouldn’t have slapped her in the first place, but since I already did, then that means I’m not afraid of the person at all.”

Qin Jingzhi smiled. “It’s always best for a girl to find someone who can protect her.”

Yan Qingsi shot him a glance. “Are you offering your services to me?”

A placid smile appeared on Qin Jingzhi’s scholarly-looking face. “Can’t I?”

Yan Qingsi cocked a brow, seemingly interested. She did not have any intention of seducing that man, but was he about to willingly come up to her?

She rubbed her chin and replied, “It’s not that you can’t, it’s just that I’m…”

Her words were cut off by the sound of an abruptly-opened door. In the midst of all the floating dust, Yue Tingfeng’s slender figure stood at the doorway. He said chillingly, “Yan Qingsi. I dare you to say ‘yes’.”

Yan Qingsi turned around and saw Yue Tingfeng walking over. At that moment, she felt as though a mountain came crashing over her. The dreadful anger emanating from him sent her heart palpitating.

She had never seen Yue Tingfeng like this before.

Why did the man return so early though? She thought he would not be back for the day.

Yue Tingfeng walked over to Yan Qingsi. Before she had the opportunity to say anything, he pulled her into his embrace and placed his fingers onto her chin. With a tilt of her head, he lowered himself onto her and kissed her lips.

His kiss came crashing onto her like a hurricane, passionate and ruthless.

Yan Qingsi thought to herself, ‘The f*ck…”

Yue Tingfeng released himself from her and cast a sidelong glance at Qin Jingzhi, remarking icily, “This is my woman. Don’t even think about it!”

An insipid expression of shock appeared on Qin Jingzhi’s face. He looked at Yan Qingsi, who seemed to be wiping her lips rather aversively. “No wonder you weren’t afraid of Xu Qianxi.”

Yan Qingsi was stumped for a moment. He seemed to be insinuating that she had nothing to fear because of Yue Tingfeng. Qin Jingzhi was underestimating her!

Turning to Yue Tingfeng, Qin Jingzhi said, “It’s been a while, Tingfeng. When did you come to Jing City? The drinks are on me tonight.”

Shocked, Yan Qingsi questioned, “You both know each other?”

Qin Jingzhi glanced briefly at Yan Qingsi and said, “By right, Tingfeng should be calling me uncle on account of our hierarchy.”

Yan Qingsi narrowed her eyes. ‘Yue Tingfeng was supposed to call Qin Jingzhi…uncle?



Yue Tingfeng’s thoughts were unreadable, but his eyes looked sinister and his voice was apathetic. “I don’t know you that well. There’s nothing for us to talk about.”

He led Yan Qingsi out, saying, “You’re coming with me.”

Yue Tingfeng was holding her shoulder tightly. “You’d best be ridding yourself of any thoughts that ought not be there. If I ever find you seducing Qin Jingzhi, I’ll make sure you’ll be bed-ridden for the rest of your life. I’ll get rid of every single man that you seduce.”

Yan Qingsi raised an eyebrow. Yue Tingfeng seemed worried that she would really seduce Qin Jingzhi. She smiled and said, “Yo, that’s promising. Alright then, let’s try it sometime and see who’s the one that’s bed-ridden.”

“I’ll let you try out tonight.”

Qin Jingzhi watched from behind as the two of them left. He chuckled softly.

How unexpected!

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