Chapter 118 - I’m Worried That You’ll Miss Me!

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Chapter 118: I’m Worried That You’ll Miss Me!

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Inside the empty makeup room, Yan Qingsi removed her makeup and had a change of clothes, completely ignoring Yue Tingfeng.

He held Yan Qingsi’s phone and perused it while asking her, “What are you thinking about?”

Yan Qingsi replied curtly, “Nothing. I’m just not used to it.”

“Not used to what?”

Yan Qingsi gaze swept across Yue Tingfeng’s lips. “I’m always the one who initiates the kiss. I’m not used it of course when you’re the one who kissed me out of the blue…”

“Why? You wanna return the favor?”

All of a sudden, she demanded, “Look down.”

Yue Tingfeng frowned. “What are you going to do?”

She hooked his chin and bit his lips. “That’s more like it.”


Yue Tingfeng chuckled. “This is good too.”

Deep down, Yan Qingsi was snickering coldly. Bit-by-bit, she wanted to wrap Yue Tingfeng around her finger.

“Didn’t you say you’ll come back only at night?”

He scrutinized her costume and stretched his hand to lift up a lock of her hair. “Why? Are you unhappy that I came back earlier?”

She responded with a nod. “I’m not too happy actually. You ruined my plan to seduce Qin Jingzhi. You think I’m happy with that?”

Yue Tingfeng pulled her hair slightly. “Tsk, don’t talk about him in front of me.”

Yanking away her own hair from him, Yan Qingsi said, “Speaking of which, you came back so early. Are you afraid that you’ll have to call me Grandma?”

Yue Tingfeng extended his hand and lifted Yan Qingsi by the chin. “That’s nothing. Why would I be afraid of that? I’m just…worried that you’ll miss me.”

A chuckle from Yan Qingsi.

“Alright then. Since you’re so worried, then let me hear you call me Grandma.”

Yue Tingfeng’s face soured.

Yan Qingsi looked at him teasingly. She held him by the neck and pushed him over to the makeup table. The corner of her mouth was suppressing a malicious-looking grin. “So be it if you don’t call me that. I’ll just let you call me auntie!”

With a clench of the jaw, Yue Tingfeng cursed, “I knew it! You can’t control that evil of yours!”

Yan Qingsi, that vile woman, simply enjoyed seducing people beside her.

First it was her sister’s boyfriend and her aunt’s fiancée. There was no way she could keep away from Yue Tingfeng’s uncle.

He gnashed his teeth, saying, “Yan Qingsi, you’d better swallow back all your evil intentions. I’ll skin the both of alive if you really did become my aunt.”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. “Tch…can you control me if I don’t swallow it back?”

He gave her a hard pinch on the cheek. “Fine. If you think you have what it takes, then try me.”

The next day, Yan Qingsi found out from the director that all her intimate scenes with the emperor was cut off.

Yan Qingsi thought to herself, ‘F*CK YOU, YUE TINGFENG!’

After the filming, Yan Qingsi dashed back to the hotel. “Yue Tingfeng, you’re a sly one, aren’t you? Why did you ask them to change my role?”

Still in the midst of a mobile game, he remarked lazily, “What does it have to do with me? I don’t know anything.”

Yue Tingfeng had reached the last level of the game and was on the brink of killing off the enemy boss.

All of a sudden, his hands were empty. The phone was snatched away from him, and in the blink of an eye, the game ended for him.

Yue Tingfeng was silent.

Yan Qingsi tossed the phone aside. “You’re brave enough to do it but not brave enough to admit it?

Leaning back, Yue Tingfeng placed his hands behind his head like a pillow. Innocence was plastered all over his face. “I’m not going to admit it of course. It’s not like I’m the one who did it, but in any case, the director will have my thanks. Tsk, he understands me so well, doesn’t he? Don’t you agree?”

Yan Qingsi’s brain was hurting. She pointed to the door and said, “Scram. Get out now. Go as far away as possible and don’t let me f*cking see you again.”


Rich Man Yue, “Sigh, it’s not easy to escape a wrongful accusation even if I’m a rich man. I’m too hungry, I can’t move!”

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