Chapter 119 - You’ve Fallen in Love with Me, Haven’t You, Yue Tingfeng?

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Chapter 119: You’ve Fallen in Love with Me, Haven’t You, Yue Tingfeng?

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Yue Tingfeng decided to just lay down and sob. “I see love every day but I can never get a taste of it. I exhausted all my energy long ago and have lost motivation to pursue it.”

He really, really wanted to sleep with Yan Qingsi.

Their clothes were off every single night and all he needed to do was give it one final push. However, Yan Qingsi always managed to spew out venomous sentences that doused Yue Tingfeng passion like a bucket of cold water.

No matter how angry Yue Tingfeng was, he simply could not lose his temper. The feeling was akin to that of a pot of boiling water that was left out to cool over time.

Yue Tingfeng was thus left feeling demoralized time and time again.

Yan Qingsi’s chest was hurting. “Do you still have any sense of shame?”

He shot her a glance. “None, of course. Why should I be ashamed of being with you?”

In his earlier days, most notably his schooling days, Yue Tingfeng was dubbed the Prince of Coolness. Although his recent demeanor has paid testament to the title as he always managed to remain poised whenever he was in front of Yan Qingsi, he felt as though he went to extreme lengths to keep his cool.

Yue Tingfeng sometimes wondered to himself. What if… his current behavior was his true self? In the presence of others, he would put on a facade and don a mask because he needed to strategize against those who had ulterior motives for him.

What about Yan Qingsi then?

She bent over and leaned into Yue Tingfeng so closely that her face nearly touched his. “You’ve fallen in love with me, haven’t you, Yue Tingfeng?”

Caught off guard, his pupils constricted in a brief moment of panic before he quickly reverted to calmness. “What do you think?”

She extended her hand and touched Yue Tingfeng’s face gently. Her voice was soft as she asked him, “Do you still remember what I told you the other day?”

Yue Tingfeng was soothed as she stroked his face. “The other day?”

Yan Qingsi pinched him. “Don’t play stupid.”

The corners of his lips were twitching due to the pain. He massaged his face and remarked in a half-smirk, “If I really did fall in love with you, what are you going to do about it?”

Yan Qingsi patted his cheek. “You’ll know soon enough.”

‘Soon enough? Are you certain of that?’

Yue Tingfeng freeloaded off Yan Qingsi’s hotel room—sleeping there for a few days. In that span of time, the two of them seemed to live in harmony.

Yan Qingsi had every intention of seducing him and because she could recognize that Yue Tingfeng was feeling somewhat remorseful, she decided to continue stringing him along.

At night, the two of them hugged each other and slept but Yan Qingsi felt curious about one thing—Yue Tingfeng may be trying hard to restrain himself, but the most he would do was a kiss or a touch here and there.

Although there were plenty of times where he failed to control himself, a simple reprimanding from Yan Qingsi was enough to put him back in his place. It was truly an amazing spectacle, one that Yan Qingsi herself struggled to believe.

She chuckled mischievously to herself. In this situation, she did not know whether Yue Tingfeng cared for her or whether he was averse to her.

Having stayed there for two days, something came up in Luo City, leaving Yue Tingfeng with no choice but to go back. Before he left, he told Yan Qingsi that he would be back once he was done settling whatever matters needed to be dealt with.

Just like the previous occasion, Yan Qingsi took a dig at him. “What’s your purpose of coming back? Do you want to have more conversations under the covers? I’d rather watch videos than spend time with you.”

Yue Tingfeng’s expression turned sour. Never in his life has anyone spoken to him like that. He actually cared for a woman for the first time in his life but he did not bother her as her day of filming had not been easy on her.

How nice of her to say that she would rather watch videos.

Yue Tingfeng pulled her into his arms and planted a kiss on her lips, biting it playfully as he pulled away. “Alright, alright. Just wait for me to come back. I’ll show you how good I am.”

Yan Qingsi tutted. His words could cause calluses to form inside her ears.

She reached forward and pinched his chin. “Leave right now and go deal with your stuff.”

Her words startled him.

Yue Tingfeng still had to go back—whether he was willing to leave or not.

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