Chapter 12 - I, Yan Qingsi, Am Back (I)

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Chapter 12: I, Yan Qingsi, Am Back (I)

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“I don’t know. But, she’s really gorgeous… One can feel her magnetism from afar.”

The woman trod on, unconcerned with the hush that fell over the crowd.

A short distance away, Yan Mingzhu tugged on Luo Jinchuan’s arm and cooed in a flirtatious tone. “Jinchuan, what are you looking at? You must be tired after your flight. I can see dark circles forming under your eyes. Come on, let’s head home and rest.”

The corner of Luo Jinchuan’s lips quirked. “Nothing. Let’s go.”

“Why the sudden good mood?” Yan Mingzhu asked curiously.

He looked toward the airport exit and commented. “The weather today seems very welcoming.”

A hint of malevolence flashed across his clean-shaven and chiseled face.

He looked forward to the interesting development of the drama. It seemed like the days of stagnancy would soon come to an end.

Yan Qingsi got into a seven-seater car. As she got comfortable, Miss Mai inquired, “How does it feel to be back?”

The car window rolled down and a slender hand stretched out. Yan Qingsi looked as if she was in a photo shoot. Her eyes were half-lidded while she held up a mesmerizing posture. “The familiar land, the familiar air… I can feel my blood boiling.”

The air rushed through the empty spaces between her fingers as she clenched her fist, trying to hold onto the wind.

Three years ago on that fateful day, she said to the city she was going to return one day.

The beady eyes of the plump woman known as Miss Mai gleamed in excitement. “Do you feel the urge to throw a big party for your homecoming?”

Yan Qingsi turned to Miss Mai, the pair of alluring almond-shaped eyes shone with determination. “That’s right. The biggest.”

The three years of banishment did not free her from the Yan family’s harassment. There were multiple attempts on her life while she was abroad. Although she managed to evade all of their schemes, it would be disrespectful if she did not pay back in kind now that she was back in town.

Miss Mai gulped inaudibly. If the legend of the fox spirit was true, Miss Mai believed that the fox spirit was currently sitting in this car plotting the demise of a certain socialite family.

Miss Mai patted Yan Qingsi’s hand. “Let’s not rush. You’re my only priority. Rest for now and let me handle the arrangements.”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “Alright.”

The heavyset woman in her forties was Yan Qingsi’s manager. From first glance, she was a kind and hearty character but in truth, the woman was not one to be messed with. Miss Mai was a well-known figure in the artist management circle and her connections ran deep and wide.

It was a loss for the agency when she decided to branch out on her own.

“Before you came back, I already selected two potential roles for you. One is a television series while the other is a movie. You should audition for Director Feng Jun’s new television series first. It’s about a dynastic struggle set in the olden days, which is currently a hot theme in the industry. I skimmed through the script, the main female role was made for you. All you need is this role plus some advertisement deals and your name will be known throughout the country in no time. I gave the director your photo and he said that as long as your face wasn’t surgically altered, it fitted the role pretty well.”

“As for the other movie, the role is minor but it’s directed by Guo Zekai. He’s a visionary in his field and the stars that worked with him were all A-listers. His movies always do well in the box office so even if it’s just a cameo role, it is worth doing.”

Yan Qingsi nodded as her manager gave her analysis. When she decided to come back, she knew her road was going to be rocky.

The battlefield was ready, all that was left was the method of warfare.

Whether it be for her career or the deep-seated desire for revenge, her mind was fixed.

It did not matter how difficult her path would be, she would not turn back.

Yan Qingsi stared out into the city—the towering skyscrapers stood unflinching—and smiled.

‘I, Yan Qingsi, am back.’

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