Chapter 120 - I Dare You to Try And F*cking Slap Me

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Chapter 120: I Dare You to Try And F*cking Slap Me

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Yue Tingfeng was bewildered. There were tons of people in the company. Were they being paid for doing nothing? He was always asked to return at a moment’s notice. It made it difficult for him to take leave in peace and chase Yan Qingsi without needing to worry about work.

Once Yue Tingfeng left, Yan Qingsi grinned wickedly. The first step of her scheme was complete—more work needed to be done for her to successfully ensnare him.

The relationship between her and Yue Tingfeng was at the best it’s ever been. She wanted to ensure she did not let this opportunity slip from her grasp.

Yan Qingsi continued filming after Yue Tingfeng left.

By the second half of her scenes, the main character played by Xu Qianxi was reaching the pinnacle of power. Meanwhile, the character, Consort Zhao entered the twilight zone and her condition worsened by the day.

Their status in real-life was the complete opposite of their on-screen personas.

In the scene where Consort Zhao was stripped of the consort title, Xu Qianxi toward Yan Qingsi with a very pleased expression, as if to say, ‘This day befalls you too.’

According to the script, the scene required Xu Qianxi to give Yan Qingsi a tight slap on her face.

Xu Qianxi was actually rearing up her hand to slap, but the instance she raised her hand, Yan Qingsi’s vicious and piercing gaze caused Xu Qianxi to chicken out.

No lines had to be said on Yan Qingsi’s behalf, her eyes already expressed everything she was thinking: ‘I dare you to try to f*cking slap me.’

Noticing Xu Qianxi’s hesitation, the director threw his headphones off and shouted, “CUT! What the hell are you doing, Xu Qianxi? Go sort yourself out and try again.”

The muscles in Xu Qianxi’s face began tensing up. She told Yan Qingsi, “Miss Qingsi, it’s written in the script. You can’t blame me.”

Yan Qingsi shrugged. “I never said I wouldn’t let you slap me. Just go for it.”

Xu Qianxi tried to force a smile. “Then I won’t…”

Before she could finish, Yan Qingsi interjected, “Unless you still want your hands after this.”

The fake smile froze instantly, and Yan Qingsi grabbed Xu Qianxi’s hand with a smile. “Tsk. This is such a beautiful pair of hands. It’d be a shame if they were chopped off.”

As the director said ‘action’, Yan Qingsi released Xi Qianxi’s hand.

“Come on now, try slapping harder so you’ll remember how it feels to slap someone. You won’t be able to experience it again in the future.”

Xu Qianxi’s spine ran cold, knowing that Yan Qingsi did not say those words just for the sake of it. This woman was too f*cking ruthless.

Xu Qianxi looked at her hands and felt them shake.

She clenched her jaw and tried her best to calm down since the filming was about to begin.

Upon reciting her lines, it was time for her to deliver the slap. She gnashed her teeth and slapped hard, but she did not come into contact with Yan Qingsi’s face because of the positioning. Yan Qingsi coordinated her movements well, from a side angle it looked as though she was given a rather hard slap.

The director considered it a success. Yan Qingsi stood up, with a sly grin manifesting in the corner of her lips. “Did it look discreet enough?”

Xu Qianxi glared at her, flung her sleeve, then left.

Yan Qingsi smiled coldly. ‘You’re giving me a sour face?’

She took two steps forward and walked to Xu Qianxi’s side before she swiftly extended her foot, causing Xu Qianxi to fall over.

Xu Qianxi felt pain in her knees and elbows and yelled, “You, you tripped me on purpose.”

A nod from Yan Qingsi. “Yes, I did it on purpose. Come hit me then.”

Xu Qianxi loathed and feared Yan Qingsi at the same time. She called her manager and asked him to carry her away.

Seeing Xu Qianxi scurry away, Yan Qingsi felt much more at ease. When she turned around, she saw Qin Jingzhi standing behind her.


Rich Man Yue, “There’s always someone trying to woo my girl when I’m not there. My knife isn’t intimidating enough. I need to sharpen it more.”

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