Chapter 121 - You Have to Be Careful, Uncle

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Chapter 121: You Have to Be Careful, Uncle

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Yan Qingsi’s expression turned pale.

Would she ever have the liberty of doing bad things in peace?

Qin Jingzhi looked at her petite figure from head to toe. She was pretty, not too tall, and slim, but she had a fierceness about her. “Why is it that I always catch you doing bad stuff?”

Acting naive, she replied, “Because I’m a bad girl. You have to be careful, Uncle.”

Qin Jingzhi was at a loss for words.


It sounded so inappropriate!

The next scene was between co-stars Yan Qingsi and Qin Jingzhi. After the intimate scenes were discarded, the rest of it was mostly centered around their falling out.

Having fallen out of favor, the emperor began to loathe Consort Zhao. He would commend the main character and Consort Zhao’s illustriousness would soon begin to fade.

The final scene between the two co-stars involved the emperor banishing Consort Zhao to a palace of exile.

Yan Qingsi changed from her gorgeous royal garments into a drab piece of cloth. Her complexion was sallow and she did not wear any makeup. She turned to the emperor, “Your Majesty, in all these years, have you not loved me in the slightest?”

Playing the role of the emperor, Qin Jingzhi stood outside the door and looked at Yan Qingsi with a complex array of emotions. He said, “Be quiet, you may remain here. Do not disappoint me again, and I pledge that you will be allowed to spend the rest of your days alive.”

A spot of red appeared in Yan Qingsi’s eyes, but she did not shed a tear. Smiling coldly, she retorted sarcastically, “Life? Do I still have a life?”

Death, whether sooner or later, was the only outcome for a disgraced consort.

The emperor responded sternly, “You can trust my words.”

Yan Qingsi looked at Qin Jingzhi. Her voice was filled with grief and resentment, not to mention a fervent love that was incapable of being lost. “I trusted you for ten years, but you? Is this the ending that has been presented to me?”

“You have only yourself to blame.” The emperor stormed off in a huff. The palace doors closed, and Yan Qingsi’s figure faded away.

It was a scene that really put their acting abilities to the test. Scenes that involve psychological drama and emotion are incredibly complicated, but the two of them did well and managed to complete it in one take.

The director shouted, “Cut. This is fantastic. Not bad at all. Next scene. Actors get ready.”

Yan Qingsi came out wearing the costume. Qin Jingzhi was outside waiting for her.

“Where’s Tingfeng? Is he still here?”

“He’s your nephew, not mine. How would I know?”

Qin Jingzhi spoke slowly, “I advise you to part ways with him as soon as possible.”

Yan Qingsi stopped and said with a smirk, “Uncle, you care too much.”

“It’s for your own good.”

“I. Don’t. Need. It.”

There were not many scenes left for Yan Qingsi. The director gathered everyone because he wanted her to finish filming the last few scenes.

They spent almost an entire night shooting them.

Midway through, they had some rest. The crew prepared some supper for them, with food such as barbecued meats.

Yan Qingsi was about to eat when Xiao Xu ran over, “Miss, this is your supper.”

Briefly stunned, she opened it to find chicken soup. Permeating the air was the aroma and fragrance of Chinese medicinal herbs. Just looking at it was enough to stir her appetite. “Did you make this, Xiao Xu?”

“Don’t tease me, Miss. I don’t have the money, and I have no idea how to make it either.”

“Miss Mai?”

“Miss Mai’s a penny-pincher. You think she’d be willing to?”

“You’re not wrong. Then who’s the one who made…”

“Just drink up. You’ll be re-energized. You still have some scenes to shoot until midnight.”

At the director’s beckoning, she drank it all as fast as she could and returned to set.

Consecutive days of filming made Yan Qingsi so tired that she slept immediately after going back to the hotel.

Yue Tingfeng went back to Luo City for only two days before coming back. Just like before, he hung around in Yan Qingsi’s room, unwilling to leave. It was exactly the same as the previous occasion. He was conveying his desire to stay put there, and although Yan Qingsi saw him, she was too lazy to entertain him.

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