Chapter 124 - I’m a Man; I’ll Protect You

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Chapter 124: I’m a Man; I’ll Protect You

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Qin Jingzhi went off, leaving Yan Qingsi with that sentence.

Yan Qingsi looked at the name card and curled her lips. ‘What do you mean I’m not that kind of person? I am!’

She turned around to leave but noticed Xu Qianxi standing in a corner and staring intently at her.

Feeling a slight chill, Yan Qingsi narrowed her eyes. It was clear that Xu Qianxi wanted to exact revenge.

Xiao Xu carried Yan Qingsi’s things and said, “Miss, let’s go.”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Let’s go then.”

She would be leaving Jing City the next day. Yan Qingsi would be going back to Luo City, whereby she would begin shooting Requiem. As long as she did not let her guard down that night, things would probably turn out fine.

The filming location was not too distant from her hotel, requiring only a half-hour drive.

What they did not expect was for the car to break down so suddenly when they were halfway through the journey.

Yan Qingsi sat on the front passenger seat and felt light-headed.

Xiao Xu went down to do a quick check but was unable to locate which part broke down. They were not too far from the hotel. At most, they needed another ten minutes to reach there. He looked all around him but did not see anyone around him.

Yan Qingsi was still in the car, and the anxious Xiao Xu said to her, “Miss, Miss…the car broke down, I don’t know how to fix it…”

She opened her eyes and felt her head begin to spin. Earlier, she thought it was because of her fatigue, but her acute perception—honed from years of experience in escaping danger—began telling her that something was amiss.

“F*ck, they got us.”

Yan Qingsi pinched her palm as hard as she could.

Xiao Xu’s mind went blank. “Miss, are…are you okay?”

Yan Qingsi covered up her dizzy head and said, “Someone drugged my beer. There will be people coming here real soon. Xiao Xu, change clothes with me…”

She made a rough guess as to who was going against her. Xu Qianxi was the most likely candidate, but Yan Qingsi did not think that she would act so quickly.

Throughout the feast, she only drank the beer that the director gave to her. There was no question as to which was the drugged drink.

Xiao Xu was becoming flustered. Not once did he ever encountered such a situation before, but he always did as Yan Qingsi told. He shed his clothes immediately and gave them to Yan Qingsi.

She bit the tip of her tongue, causing pain and drawing blood. It managed to clear up her mind, albeit only slightly.

With Xiao Xu’s help, she wore the clothes.

Barely seconds after that, Xiao Xu said, “Miss, there’s a car coming to us from ahead.”

The car was fast approaching. Yan Qingsi knew that Xu Qianxi’s men were coming, so she grabbed Xiao Xu’s arm. “They’re looking for me. Xiao Xu, make a run for it and lure them away while you’re dressed in my clothes. Even if they manage to get you, they’ll let you go when see that it’s not me. I’m sorry…”

Xiao Xu’s heart was thumping madly. “Don’t worry, Miss. I understand. What matters is that you’re safe. I’m a man. I’ll protect you…”

Having said that, he jumped off the car and ran toward the back.

Spotting that, the people inside the car did not get down, but simply gave chase in the car.

Yan Qingsi opened the car and got off. She ran unsteadily with bare feet since it was cumbersome to wear high heels when on the run. Staying in the car was a non-option: if those goons got a hold of Xiao Xu and realized it was not her, they would no doubt turn back and come for her.

However, they managed to capture Xiao Xu fairly quickly because they were driving. Realizing that it was not Yan Qingsi, they kicked Xiao Xu a couple of times before turning back to find Yan Qingsi.

Laying on the ground in pain, Xiao Xu fished out his phone and trembled while dialing the police.

“Hello, I…want to make a police report. There’s a kidnapping happening here…you guys have to be fast….”


Rich Man Yue, “This time, it’s not enough that I bring a knife. Which one of you dared to touch my woman!”

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