Chapter 126 - Hands Off My Woman

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Chapter 126: Hands Off My Woman

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Feeling reassured, Yan Qingsi let out a moan and fainted.

“Hey! Yan Qingsi. Wake up…” Yue Tingfeng called out while shaking her body.

Yan Qingsi did not move—not even the slightest.

Yue Tingfeng lifted Yan Qingsi’s chin, his lips curled up. He saw that her cheeks were red and swollen. “Hope you have learned your lesson,” he said with sternness in his eyes as he let go of her.

Yue Tingfeng looked at the two people on the floor coldly. One of them groaned in pain as he tried to pull himself up. With a tight-lipped smile, Yue Tingfeng struck the guy down with a kick. The guy moaned as he shut his eyes.

What seemed to be flashlight’s beam appeared at the end of the alley. Disruptive noise and loud, unruly footsteps could be heard approaching. “Over there, quick… chase them!”

About ten people closed in. Yue Tingfeng heaved up Yan Qingsi and started to run.

He turned around after a few steps and stomped hard on the groins of the two men lying motionless on the ground, bellowing, “How dare you lay hands on my woman!”

Yue Tingfeng went out exploring at the Jing City since early in the morning. He was there all day long and only came back at the end of the day.

He knew that Yan Qingsi’s filming will be a wrap tonight. He waited for her 1  until some time past ten but Yan Qingsi did not show up. Just as he got out 2 , he bumped into Xiao Xu unexpectedly.

Yue Tingfeng began looking along the direction where Xiao Xu came from before Xiao Xu could even finish talking.

Yue Tingfeng tried to make a call with one hand while his feet continued to pump through the pitch dark alley with Yan Qingsi in his arm.

He felt renewed. As if he found his young and reckless self again. Life had been boring for him as years gone by. Before Yan Qingsi came into his life, he felt so bored and lifeless he almost could not feel his heart beating.

It was definitely exciting with this woman around.

The footsteps of the pursuers echoing from behind as he raced through the night with his woman.

Yue Tingfeng wanted to put Yan Qingsi down and confront those chasers. But he dismissed the idea after careful consideration, fearing that those men might kidnap Yan Qingsi and take nude photos of hers if he was not careful.

This was his woman. He would not never ever let that happen.

After running madly for about ten minutes, Yue Tingfeng’s aid had finally arrived. His gang members managed to round up those people.

Those chasers cried out for mercy on the ground after getting subdued by the gang member effortlessly. Their hands over their heads, frantically protecting themselves from further beatings.

Yue Tingfeng was drenched with sweat. His lungs were gasping for air as he breathed heavily while making his way back with Yan Qingsi still in his arms.

“Who gave the orders?” he asked the people.

“We… we don’t know. We were told that we will be given a lot of money if we can capture this lady and take her nude photos. We were ordered to rape her and take video recordings too.”

Yue Tingfeng reached out to wipe the sweat off his forehead and nodded. “Alright…”

He was talking very calmly as if he was just speaking normally to a passer-by not showing any signs of anger or wrath. He glanced at Yan Qingsi. Her eyes shut and she did not look good at all.

Yue Tingfeng pinched Yan Qingsi’s face gently and said, “I can let you guys off but you guys should know better not to touch my woman.”

Yue Tingfeng took a quick look at the person next to him and ordered, “Go, chop off one finger.”

He spoke nonchalantly. His man nodded and took out a pocket knife. “This knife is a bit blunt. Hang in there, I might need a few shots.”

The guy pleaded for mercy before the knife went down. “I’ll say, I’ll say… It’s… It’s Ms. Xu. Xu Qianxi. She gave us orders.”

Yue Tingfeng nodded, looking clearly satisfied by the answer given.

However, in the next minute, he ordered his guy, “Break his leg and turn him into the police.

_ _

“I am still important at this crucial moment. How cool am I today! Even the king looks weak next to me!” quipped Yue Tingfeng proudly.

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