Chapter 13 - I, Yan Qingsi, Am Back (II)

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Chapter 13: I, Yan Qingsi, Am Back (II)

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Yan Qingsi’s accommodation arranged by Miss Mai was located in the city center. While it was not the wealthiest neighborhood of the city, the majority of residents were upper-class white-collared workers, which ensured a certain degree of security.

The house was modest with a single bedroom—the decor was modern and minimalistic.

Miss Mai said to Yan Qingsi, “When you’re famous, I’ll get you another house.”

Yan Qingsi smirked. “That’s a promise.”

She was not particular about the house. After all, she did spend three years on the run in Country M. There were even days where she had to go without food.

Yan Qingsi was also aware that Miss Mai was doing her best. Her departure from the company was not without sacrifices. There was pressure from her ex-company for her to return as her own startup was slogging through mud.

The fact that Miss Mai was spending ten thousand yuan per month on just accommodation meant that she saw the potential in Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi was allowed to recuperate for two days before Miss Mai dropped by with a bespectacled youth. “This is your assistant-cum-makeup artist.”

The young man quickly spoke up. “Miss Qingsi, my name is Xu Mingming. You can call me Xiao Xu.”

Yan Qingsi was surprised that Miss Mai got her a male as her makeup artist and this young lad had to shoulder the burden of a personal assistant at the same time. It was not an easy fit.

“Just graduated?”

Xiao Xu nodded. “I’ll get my graduation certificate next month.”

Miss Mai checked the time. “Quickly, get Qingsi ready. We have an audition in two hours.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Yan Qingsi nodded. She knew the importance of today.

As her first step into show business after her banishment, there was no room for failure. She had to secure the role at all cost.

The first audition went smoothly. The assistant director gave Yan Qingsi some lines and she had to deliver them on the spot.

After the session, she was told to come in the next day for another round of audition with costume and makeup.

It was said that Director Feng Jun was very selective with his cast and that the callback rate for his auditions was very low.

This meant that Yan Qingsi at least fitted the image of the role. If there were no major slip-ups, the role would most definitely be hers.

On the next day, Yan Qingsi arrived at the audition hall well-rested with her assistant in tow.

Two hours of makeup later, she stepped out of the vanity room in costume. The crowd fell silent.

It was established then and there that she was the natural choice for the role. Dressed in a crimson traditional costume, Yan Qingsi was beauty and elegance personified.

There was an ancient saying about beautiful women who brought nations to their knees. Yan Qingsi looked like she could be one of them if she was born a few centuries earlier.

The silence was broken when the director stood up abruptly and shouted, “Yes. This is what I’m looking for. Perfect… You’re the one…”

Just by standing there in costume, Yan Qingsi embodied the idea of his character, Consort Zhao. She was attractive in a unique way that commanded the attention of all. A flutter of her eyelashes and the hearts of men were enthralled. Yan Qingsi had yet to speak or act but it was a done deal.

The assistant director asked Director Feng Jun, “Director, we’re not asking her to say some lines?”

Feng Jun’s ardent gaze did not leave Yan Qingsi. “I saw her performance yesterday. Very good, very good indeed. Tell the remaining actresses that they can leave now.”

Hearing this, Yan Qingsi’s red lips lifted at the corners. She gave the director an innocuous smile. “Thank you, director. I will do my best.”

The smile incapacitated Director Feng Jun as words struggled to form. “Really… Just…”

He could not describe the feeling he had toward Yan Qingsi. It felt like something that he had been unconsciously searching for and now, here she was—a woman deserving of his love and affection.

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