Chapter 14 - Oh? You’re Interested In Me? (I)

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Chapter 14: Oh? You’re Interested In Me? (I)

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Once the deal was sealed, Yan Qingsi exited the hall in costume.

Xiao Xu followed excitedly behind Yan Qingsi. While holding up the long trail of her dress, Xiao Xu gushed on. “Miss Qingsi, you’re amazing. Really… That was incredible. This role was really made for you.”

Yan Qingsi chuckled. “Yes. A role of a vixen made for me.”

Her dressing room was just a few feet ahead. As she turned the corner, she almost rammed into the figure walking toward her.

The figure retreated chivalrously and apologized. “Sorry.”

It was a soothing, masculine voice that spoke in a well-mannered tone. Without looking up, one could rate the man eighty over a hundred just based on his voice.

When Yan Qingsi looked up and saw who it was, the cold seeped into her chest. She would rate him a big, fat zero.

The man was mildly startled at seeing Yan Qingsi and greeted, “It’s been a while.”

A well-trimmed eyebrow rose in defiance. “Yes, it has been, brother-in-law.”

She did not expect to run into Luo Jinchuan here of all places.

Luo Jinchuan gave her a smile that would usually charm the pants off the ladies.

He had a lean frame and was dressed in a tailor-made suit with a striped necktie on that day. His gold wire glasses completed the smart look.

Luo Jinchuan was akin to the prince charming character frequently depicted in fairy tales. His demeanor was like lake water—calm and pristine.

There was a gentleness to his smile as his eyes crinkled. “When did you come back? Why didn’t you visit home?”

Yan Qingsi regarded him skeptically and sarcastically replied, “Home? Seems like you’re still together with my sister. Aren’t you a loyal dog?”

Luo Jinchuan only smiled in return. “Qingsi wants us to break up?”

As her given name left his mouth, she felt her insides twist in disgust. The cloying sweetness in his tone made her nauseous.

“Break up? No, I’d rather see you two get married and watch Yan Mingzhu despair as she realizes her husband was never faithful to her.”

What kind of man was Luo Jinchuan? That angelic face coupled with his benign personality was just a facade. In truth, Yan Mingzhu was nothing more than a plaything that he had yet grown bored of.

It was Yan Mingzhu herself that was obsessed with Luo Jinchuan, which was all the better for him.

The engagement ring reflected the overhead lights as he nudged his glasses. “Your sister really misses you. How about dinner tonight to catch up?”

“Are you threatening me?”

Luo Jinchuan maintained his calm persona and smiled. “You have misunderstood.” He turned to Xiao Xu and asked politely, “I have some private matters to discuss with Qingsi. Could you give us a moment?”

Xiao Xu looked to Yan Qingsi for instructions, which came with a flick of her wrist. Xiao Xu made himself scarce and retreated.

Once Xiao Xu was out of the picture, Luo Jinchuan inched closer to Yan Qingsi. “Are you short of cash?”

There was nary an inch between them. As Luo Jinchuan spoke down to her, she could feel his breath grazing her forehead.

In a nonchalant tone, she replied, “Yeah. Why? Are you paying?”

“Yes. I’ve been wanting to use your service since three years ago, you know?” Luo Jinchuan grinned slyly. The prince charming act was replaced by nothing more than a common man’s lechery.

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