Chapter 15 - Oh? You’re Interested In Me? (II)

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Chapter 15: Oh? You’re Interested In Me? (II)

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Luo Jinchuan narrowed his eyes at Yan Qingsi. She was undeniably beautiful.

He was no stranger to stunning women and she was by no means the prettiest of them all, yet her visage haunted him daily. Her beauty was the kind that taught one’s soul a lesson—of yearning for something that could not be had.

From his perspective, the three years away from home had treated Yan Qingsi well as she was even more attractive now. Perhaps the time had allowed her to blossom into adulthood. She reminded him of a poppy flower blooming amidst the wilderness—deadly but irresistible to men.

If it were any other woman, Luo Jinchuan would not have been bothered to keep track of her news, let alone to come for a personal visit.

Luo Jinchuan had never felt such an urge to have a woman.

A darker part of him wanted to rip her clothes off and take her there and then.

As these thoughts played in Luo Jinchuan’s mind, Yan Qingsi herself formed a conclusion. The man’s true nature was showing through the cracks of his facade and every bit was as superficial and revolting as Yan Qingsi had believed it to be.

Yan Qingsi regarded him with disdain as her lips curled upward in a bitter smile. “Luo Jinchuan, you really think I don’t remember you being there when Yan Ruke tried to drug me three years ago? You clearly knew of the plan but didn’t bother to help me. Perhaps you thought of sweeping in as the knight in shining armor when I was drugged? Maybe have some fun with me first then let me grovel before you as if you were my savior? Did you really think I was that hella stupid?”

Yan Mingzhu was always paranoid that Yan Qingsi would one day steal Luo Jinchuan away from her. Little did she know, it had always been the other way around.

Way back when Yan Qingsi first met Luo Jinchuan, she knew the man was up to no good.

A look of surprise flashed past Luo Jinchuan’s face but he quickly regained composure. His hand went to Yan Qingsi’s chin and tipped her head upward. “You truly are much more interesting than your sister. Come with me and I’ll make you the female lead in all the shows you get.”

The red lips grinned mockingly. “Luo Jinchuan, oh Luo Jinchuan. A man like you…” Yan Qingsi caught hold of his striped tie and gave it a sharp tug. The tie tightened like a noose around his neck. Yan Qingsi took advantage of his shock and pushed him away with all her strength. Luo Jinchuan’s back hit the wall behind him.

Yan Qingsi enunciated each word clearly to express her thoughts of such a proposition. “Really. Pisses. Me. Off.”

She lifted her chin and said, “I may be a slut… But I am no beggar. You are not a worthy lay.”

Luo Jinchuan just leaned back against the wall and watched her. Amusement played around his lips. “I’m not worthy but Yue Tingfeng is?”

“Yes, he is.” Yan Qingsi stared at him as if challenging him to object.

A spark of anger ignited in Luo Jinchuan’s pupils and he said, “Just you wait. Sooner or later, I’ll have you.”

“And I’ll be here, watching you fail.”

As night fell, Luo Jinchuan went to a club frequented by the rich young men of Luo City. The hostesses that served the alcohol were pretty little things—each wearing a shorter skirt than the other.

Luo Jinchuan let his gaze sweep through the crowd. There, at the center stage, was a man with delicate but handsome features. He was blessed with a pair of almond-shaped eyes, a set of pink lips, and flawless skin that would make girls envious. Despite his natural-born beauty, he did not give off an effeminate vibe. He had an air of austerity that made him unforgettable.

Around him were ladies who busied themselves tending to him as if he were a Buddha. One lady was massaging his shoulders while the other massaged his legs. A third girl refilled his glass of alcohol. The hostesses were on their best behavior and served without any complaints.

It was as if everyone else in the club was painted red with lust and desire while he alone stood above them all, untainted.

In whatever situation, as long as the young master of the Yue family was there, everyone else was just a backdrop.

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