Chapter 151 - We’ve Already Slept on the Same Bed and Shared the Same Pillow

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Chapter 151: We’ve Already Slept on the Same Bed and Shared the Same Pillow

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An evil smirk appeared on Yue Tingfeng’s face as he muttered to himself, “I’ll let you rest for now.”

Jiang Lai was on the verge of tears. He knew that Yue Tingfeng’s mood had soured exponentially as of late, but then again, Yue Tingfeng had never been in a good mood since Miss Qingsi came back.

‘What did Boss mean when he said that he’d let me rest? Is he sending me to where Manager Wu is?

‘No, please don’t, I did nothing wrong.’

The only mistake Jiang Lai did was grumbling secretly to Qu Jing, but none of what he said could be considered badmouthing.

Jiang Lai explained hastily, “CEO Yue, I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I won’t say anything bad about you in the future. It wasn’t something I wanted to say. It was all Manager Qu’s fault. He’s the one who forced me to talk about it. He’s the one that’s really curious about Miss Qingsi.”

Yue Tingfeng came back to his senses and stared coldly at Jiang Lai. “Speaking of that matter, I haven’t dealt with you yet.”

Jiang Lai was stunned. ‘What does he mean? Wasn’t he directing those words at me earlier?’

At that moment, Jiang Lai did not dare to say anything because he was worried that he would dig a deeper grave for himself.

Yue Tingfeng pointed at him without saying anything, but he was declaring his intention quite clearly—’Just you wait.’

Yue Tingfeng then popped a sudden question. “The debut press conference for ‘The Scent of Her’ is today?”

Nodding immediately, Jiang Lai responded, “Yes. It’s today, starting at two in the afternoon. It’ll be broadcasted on the internet.”

Jiang Lai made particular note of the press conference because he knew that the young master would not just let the event slip by.

‘He wants to meet her but pretends to be aloof, tch…’

Yue Tingfeng looked at the time. It was almost ten minutes past two.

He switched on his notebook and tapped a few times on the screen. He went to a video-sharing website, and the first thing that appeared was a window that covered virtually the entire screen.

The movie poster depicted some of the stars as well as the director. There was also a woman there, but a big question mark replaced her head. A line of huge and vibrantly-colored words stated: Stay Tuned for The Live Broadcast–The Mystery Female Lead Will Be Officially Announced.

Yue Tingfeng’s lips twitched in disdain. ‘Mystery female lead? Hehe!’

“Keep talking.”

Yue Tingfeng felt disdain toward Yan Qingsi, but at the same time, he was intrigued to see how she would present herself on that day.

While the broadcast was ongoing, the number of people who were watching skyrocketed through the roof.

The conference venue was decorated rather well, clearly at the expense of a considerable amount of money. Media personnel from various news outlets huddled together in a tight black mass, along with the uninterrupted clicking of their camera shutters.

Most of the male actors and video editors had shown up. The emcee had also gone through the process of getting everyone warmed up.

Yue Tingfeng frowned. Why was Yan Qingsi still a no-show?

As soon as he thought of that, the emcee got the ball rolling and said, “We all know that Director Guo is very fussy when it comes to choosing the cast. Many tried guessing the lineup when the selection process had just begun. Well, all the male leads for this movie have been announced today. The only lead left is the female lead. Are you guys as excited as I am?”

The reporters below the stage joined in the rapport. As a matter of fact, they really wanted to know who the female lead was.

Casting for The Scent of Her was done in secret. Earlier rumors suggested that the female lead was Hu Minxi, but if it really was her, there would be no need to maintain such secrecy.

Song Qingyan, one of the male leads, smiled courteously. “You’re not the only excited one. We are, too. We don’t even know who the female lead is.”

The emcee then made an exaggerated and funny-looking face. “REALLY? That mysterious, huh? Now everyone’s looking forward to it.”

Yue Tingfeng felt scorned. What was there to be excited about? She was nothing but an ordinary girl who slept on the same bed as him and shared his pillow. He knew her very intimately, having bedded her long ago.

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