Chapter 152 - Hello Everyone, I’m Yan Qingsi!

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Chapter 152: Hello Everyone, I’m Yan Qingsi!

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At the backstage, Miss Mai was trying hard to calm Yan Qingsi down. “Don’t be nervous. Just smile when you’re up there and remember to be confident with how you look. You’re very beautiful. We’ve already talked about the possible questions that the reporters will ask you. All you have to do is answer them according to plan…”

Yan Qingsi looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her scarlet-red lips curled up. “What’s there for me to be nervous about? I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and it’s finally here. I’m excited and I can’t wait for this opportunity. It’s you, Miss Mai…who needs to wipe away the sweat from your head.”

Miss Mai’s hand reached up and felt her wet scalp. “I’m nervous for you. You’ve never met the media before this. Your first appearance is such a big one and I can’t even be with you up there.”

Yan Qingsi looked at Miss Mai in all seriousness. “You’ve known me for so long. Has there ever been anything I was afraid of?”

Miss Mai shook her head. She had known Yan Qingsi for two years already, and that woman’s vitality was so exuberant that nothing seemed capable of wearing her down. The ground might crush her flat, but from it, she will sprout anew once again.

One of the staff knocked on the door and urged, “Miss Yan, it’s your turn.”

Yan Qingsi stood up and faced Miss Mai. “All the best.”

Miss Mai gulped. “I should be the one saying that to you.”

Xiao Xu added on immediately, “Good luck, Miss. You’re the best.”

Yan Qingsi smiled, pinched her dress, and walked out.

She lifted her head and puffed out her chest. The floor beneath her every step was her battleground.

At that precise moment, her journey had officially begun.

The emcee had superb emceeing skills. He was even able to rouse up excitement within members of the media, making it feel as though it was a meet-and-greet session with some fans. The atmosphere was raucous.

“Who is this goddess that will be playing the female lead? She will be revealed very soon.”

As everyone offstage was eagerly anticipating the female lead, the stage turned pitch-black and was accompanied by surreally mysterious lighting. Yan Qingsi was sitting on a very luxurious-looking chair—like a throne that was fit to be sat on by kings only. Steel wires were affixed on all four legs of the chair, and it began descending slowly onto the ground.

Yan Qingsi had been sitting with her back toward the media. An audible gasp ensued after the chair reached the ground, and following that, Director Guo Zekai and the male lead, Song Qingyan, walked over together, as if it was agreed upon beforehand. In a gentlemanly manner, both of them extended a hand each toward her.

Placing both of her hands on the two men’s hands, Yan Qingsi stood up slowly.

The second she turned around, all the spotlights and cameras were pointing toward her.

Like a jewel that was revealed by whisking away the black cloth covering it, she radiated with a magnificent brilliance.

Many of those offstage gasped in shock, so much so that they forgot to take pictures of her.

An invincible smile was plastered on her face. She was clad in a long black dress that exposed her shoulders slightly, revealing her contrasting snow-white skin. With long wave-like hair, an alluring figure, and gorgeous facial features, her smile captured the hearts of the public.

Just as Director Cai said, Yan Qingsi’s beauty was inherently overwhelming—her allure was so strong that no one was able to ignore it.

Miss Mai had earlier prepared a few outfits for her. Yan Qingsi chose something simple, something that was neither too revealing or too conservative.

Excessive details in clothing would only divert attention away from her.

Yan Qingsi was beautiful enough that her charm was augmented by the simplest of dresses.

The cameras began clicking away as the director introduced her to everyone. “This is our female lead, Miss Yan Qingsi.”

Yan Qingsi smiled toward those below and said, “Hello everyone, I’m Yan Qingsi.”

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