Chapter 155 - Yan Qingsi Is Just Another Pretty Face

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Chapter 155: Yan Qingsi Is Just Another Pretty Face

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Yan Qingsi was a ticking time bomb in Yan Mingzhu’s heart. The best three years of her life came during Yan Qingsi’s disappearance.

She felt as though her peaceful life would go on forever when all of a sudden, Yan Qingsi emerged without any warning whatsoever. Her flamboyant appearance—standing atop the grand stage with all eyes on her beautiful figure. It was evident that no one was immune to her majestic glow.

Yan Mingzhu was deeply irked—more so than when Luo Jinchuan broke up with her.

Though Ye Lingzhi was equally as shocked, she calmed down rather quickly and said, “Don’t worry… don’t worry. I’ll call your father and tell him to come back as soon as he can. The little sh*t is back, she’s courted her own death. We don’t need to worry about finding her anymore now that she’s in the public eye.”

Ye Lingzhi hated Yan Qingsi just as much as Yan Mingzhu did.

Her greatest regret was not killing Yan Qingsi along with the miserable woman who birthed her back when she had the opportunity to do so.

Yan Qingsi existence was the family’s greatest bane.

Chaos erupted in the Yan family home. No matter how much Ye Lingzhi tried, her calls to Yan Songnan failed to get through.

At that exact moment, Yan Songnan was in the midst of purchasing a house for Tang Yuyao.

Yan Songnan was in the course of handing over the down payment and signing the agreement when his phone began to ring. Seeing that it was Ye Lingzhi, he immediately switched it to airplane mode.

Once the sale-and-purchase agreement was signed, Yan Songnan hugged Tang Yuyao and said, “Take care of the baby. You don’t need to worry about anything else.”

Tang Yuyao nodded. “Mm, I know.”

She was exactly one month into her pregnancy.

In the past, Yan Songnan would have forced her to get an abortion but things have changed. He has desperately wanted a son ever since the doctors had determined that Yan Mingxiu would never wake up again. For obvious reasons, Ye Lingzhi was unable to conceive and give birth to another baby.

For Yan Songnan, Tang Yuyao’s pregnancy was a blessing in disguise.

Furthermore, Yan Songnan preferred Tang Yuyao’s gentle and warm nature compared to the brashness of Ye Lingzhi. The title of the newly-bought house was under Tang Yuyao’s name.

Yan Songnan said, “Give me a fat little boy.”

Tang Yuyao blushed shyly and lowered her head. “It’s not like I get to decide.”

“It’s a boy; I have a feeling it’s a boy.”

“I hope so. How’s the company doing? You don’t seem too pleased lately.”

“It’s fine, I’m keeping an eye on it.”

Tang Yuyao looked down at her flat stomach and stroked it. On the outside, she looked like a loving soon-to-be mother. But on the inside, there was a cold-hearted ruthlessness that no one knew of.

Yan Qingsi’s name rose to the top of the trending searches even before the press conference for The Scent of Her ended. Plenty of her onstage pictures began circulating the web. In a society that values appearance over anything else, Yan Qingsi’s flawless face attracted a number of fans that grew with each passing minute.

Many people said various things on her online fan page:

[So beautiful I could cry, where did the director find her?]

[I could eat 3 bowls of rice after looking at her face]

[I could lick my screen all year long, I only now know what a goddess looks like after seeing you]

Aside from the fans who were smitten with her attractiveness, others mentioned in passing that she must have had a strong background for her to appear in the public eye with guns blazing. Hopefully, she was not just another pretty face.

At that point, the online discussions about Yan Qingsi typically comprised of a controversial debate—whether she was a goddess or just another pretty face.

Yan Qingsi scrolled through her phone slowly. For the time being, there were no posts that vilified her since many were yet to bounce back from the shock. Nevertheless, even if nothing unfortunate has happened, something was bound to occur either that night or the following day.

Yan Qingsi smiled coldly. ‘Bring it on!’

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