Chapter 156 - My Hubby, King Jin, Has Made His Relationship Public

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Chapter 156: My Hubby, King Jin, Has Made His Relationship Public

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‘Don’t disappoint me. If you want to slander me, then you might as give it your best shot.’

If the attack was too light, she would be too lazy to hit back at all.

Yan Qingsi scrolled some more and noticed that Jin Xuechu’s name was trending on the searches as well. She clicked into his Weibo and noticed that he updated his microblog—the accompanying picture was that of a couple hugging each other.

The two figures were against a background of strong light and only their silhouettes were visible. The extremely shocking image was filled with sexual tension.

Jin Xuechu’s Weibo was heating up.

Most of them were lamenting. ‘My husband made his relationship public? Should I cry or should I just die?’

Still, his fans leaped to the defense of their cherished idol.

After bawling their eyes out, his fans began uniting and flooding his blog with comments. One after the other, they said, ‘I cried till I’m blind and I climbed up the edge of my balcony, but in the end, I still got down. God Xue, I wish you the best of happiness.’

Yan Qingsi could not help but let out a chuckle. ‘What was Jin Xuechu up to this time? He kept quiet, gave no response, and simply let the sex scandal stew on.’

She finished scrolling and went back to the set of Requiem.

By the time she was wrapped up with that project, it was about time for her to begin filming The Scent of Her.

Thinking about how her grand return would certainly have incited unrest within the Yan family, she wondered how things were on Yan Songnan’s end.

She changed the SIM card of her phone and gave Tang Yuyao a call.

The call went through immediately, but before she could say anything, Tang Yuyao said, “Thank goodness you called. I didn’t have any idea how to contact you. There’s a few things I need to tell you.”

Yan Qingsi could sense the urgency in Tang Yuyao’s voice. “Tell me.”

“I’m pregnant… Yang Songnan is really happy. He bought me a house and put it under my name. He wants me to take good care of the baby…”

Shocked, Yan Qingsi asked, “And you? What are your thoughts?”

Tang Yuyao was insufferable. “I don’t want this child. I don’t want it at all… What should I do?”

Yan Qingsi looked up at the ceiling. “I think this is a question you must ask yourself. If you think that keeping it will make you miserable, then it’s best that you abort the baby before you get attached to it. If you’re not willing to bring yourself to do that, then keep it. Once everything ends, you can bring the child to a place where no one knows you and live a quiet life there.”

No one could have foreseen that a child would be thrown into the works.

Tang Yuyao kept quiet for a long time. “If it was you, what would you do? Would you abort the baby?”

Yan Qingsi thought about it and said, “Me? If it was me, I think I’d keep the child.”


Yan Qingsi explained, “I want to let my child experience whatever happiness that I never experienced before.”

The sole source of warmth that Yan Qingsi ever experienced was from her own mother.

In Yan Qingsi’s eyes, the word ‘mother’ would forever have a sacred connotation to it.

No one would even believe her if she said she wanted to be a mother.

Tang Yuyao’s sobbing voice was heard from the other end of the line. “I want that too, but there’s no way I can keep him. I’ll kill his father, and I don’t want the baby to grow up knowing that her mother was a murderer and her father killed her mother’s sister. This baby shouldn’t be born at all. It’s too cruel.”

She could not bear to do it, but everything she said had a point.

The child should never be born.

Yan Qingsi did not console Tang Yuyao much. “Alright, there’s a way for you if you don’t want the child anymore. Since you’ve already decided, you’ll have to make the most of the baby. Do everything according to my instructions. This time, I’ll set an even bigger fire to the Yan family.”

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