Chapter 158 - One Look and He Knew That the Vixen Was Yan Qingsi

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Chapter 158: One Look and He Knew That the Vixen Was Yan Qingsi

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Ye Lingzhi began chastising Yan Songnan. “It’s all because of your kindness. I told you before. You should’ve let her die along with her wh*re of a mother. We wouldn’t have been in this mess otherwise.”

Things did not go smoothly for Ye Lingzhi in the past few weeks. Her son was bedridden in the hospital and she could not bear to trouble her daughter. Consequently, she argued with Yan Songnan every single day.

Those arguments were getting on Yan Songnan’s nerves.

Yan Ruke’s face was gloomy as she said, “Brother, Sis-in-law, I’ll head upstairs first”

She got up, went upstairs, then made a phone call.

“Brother Zhao, I need your help. Can you find out about someone names Yan Qingsi? She probably came back into the country recently. Can you check when exactly she entered the country and who came in contact with when she came back? Most importantly, does she have any connection with the Yue Tingfeng, the Yue family’s young master. If you can find out all that, just name your price.”

Her hands were shaking after she hung up on the call.

There were times when a woman’s intuition was spot on. The minute she knew that Yan Qingsi returned, her first thought was that of Yue Tingfeng.

He used to ignore her in the past, but about a month earlier, he began treating her very nastily. It was all out of the blue.

Yan Ruke’s mind linked the two of them instinctively.

If Yan Qingsi really got involved with Yue Tingfeng, then what about Yan Ruke herself? How was she going to get married into the Yue family?

Yan Ruke was getting flustered, afraid, and angry. The one thing she had to do was burn Yan Qingsi.

She was still shaking when she made a few fake accounts and left comments all over Weibo.

The contents of every comment vilified Yan Qingsi. ‘I know her, Yan Qingsi. She used to be my classmate. She’s the Yan family’s selfish daughter. She’s always been horny since young, seducing men here and there. She’s just like her mother, an expert in being a mistress. Close male friends, sister’s fiancé. I heard rumors she even tried stealing her aunt’s boyfriend. People like her are wh*res. Who knows how many men she f*cked in order to get that role.’

After leaving the comments, Yan Ruke still felt that it was not enough. A few insignificant comments would be buried like a little stone thrown into a river.

Doing it alone was impossible—she needed to hire a team of cyber troopers.

She wanted to smear Yan Qingsi’s name and prevent her from establishing herself in the country.

The press conference for The Scent of Her concluded smoothly. Yue Tingfeng began a new habit of scrolling on Weibo.

Yan Qingsi had her own account, and although her ten thousand plus fans were not considered many, it was no small number either.

Yan Qingsi’s first photo was a selfie taken on the set of Requiem. All the comments below it were about licking the screen.

Yue Tingfeng’s lips twitched scornfully. ‘Goddess? More like a vixen.’

He huffed, tapped on the picture, then chose ‘save’.

He continued scrolling through the comments when he spotted someone attacking her. The comment said that she was a mistress who specialized in seducing other people’s men and was horny all the time. Apparently, anyone could bed her as long as they were men.

Yue Tingfeng narrowed his eyes and chuckled. People were starting to slander her and things began to escalate. It was the best time to be tainting her name, since she was not riled up yet.

However, he noticed that Yan Qingsi did not seem to mind at all. She continued updating her activities and even looked to be in a good mood.

He looked at the notifications for what was trending. One topic caught his eye: #Jin Xuechu publicly announces his relationship#. It had been trending for the past few days, so Yue Tingfeng tapped on it.

Immediately after he tapped in, Yue Tingfeng’s composure began to disappear.

He flipped through Jin Xuechu’s Weibo, and with each picture that he saw, his anger increased threefold.

Even though the woman’s face was not shown, he could still make out who that minx was.

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