Chapter 159 - Kill That B*tch

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Chapter 159: Kill That B*tch

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Yue Tingfeng grabbed the table phone. “Get your a*s in here.”

Jiang Lai shuddered from the fright. He ran into the CEO’s office immediately, and the first thing to catch his eye was a cellphone lying on the ground. The screen was blacked out and cracked.

Yue Tingfeng stood by the window with his back was facing Jiang Lai. The former’s necktie had been tossed onto the floor, and he said, “Buy me a new phone.”

A chill crept up Jiang Lai’s spine. ‘Master is angry again.’

He replied at once, “Yes, okay…”

“I tasked you with getting a house in Royale Residences. Have you done it?”

Jiang Lai nodded quickly. “It’s done.”


“I’ll hand them to you tomorrow.”

Yue Tingfeng turned around slowly. “I. Want. Them. Now.”

Jiang Lai nearly kneeled down out of fear when he saw Yue Tingfeng’s chilly stare.

Though Yue Tingfeng looked exceptionally calm, those who dealt with him on a regular basis would know that his anger had gone through the roof.

Jiang Lai responded, “Okay, now. I’ll send them to you now.”

Having left the room, Jiang Lai let out a prolonged sigh.

He always knew that his boss was hard to please, more so in recent times. Yue Tingfeng was basically like a woman on her period, groggy and irritable whenever Aunt Flo visited.

Half an hour later, a sweat-drenched Jiang Lai returned and handed the keys over to Yue Tingfeng.

With the keys finally in hand, Yue Tingfeng ordered Jiang Lai, “Get a renovation team. I want to use it immediately.”

Jiang Lai nodded repeatedly, “Yes… Yes…”

He had no idea what Yue Tingfeng was going to do, but all would be well as long as he listened to the orders.

Yan Qingsi did not have anything to shoot for the day, but since she had been filming her roles for the past few days, her tiredness overwhelmed her. She decided to go home and rest for the entire day.

Once she was at the base of her apartment building, Yan Qingsi told Xiao Xu to go back home. She could carry her luggage up by herself.

Upon coming out of the elevator, she heard the hum of an electric drill. The sound made her head hurt, as if the drill was drilling straight into her brain.

Yan Qingsi thought it was coming from Jin Xuechu’s unit, but after walking a couple of steps, she realized that something was not quite right.

She hastened her footsteps and ran to her doorstep, noticing that the door was ajar. The drilling sound was coming from none other than her own house!


She tossed her luggage bag to one side, pushed open her room door, then rushed in.

The loud slam that ensued from her opening the door made everyone inside turn around and look at her.

Yan Qingsi’s glanced across the room and saw that everything had already changed drastically. Her things were all around the place, while the six or seven people inside looked like ordinary renovation workers instead of thieves.

She gnashed her teeth. “THIS IS MY HOUSE! Who told you to come in here? GET OUT!”

The workers all looked at each other in dismay.

“Miss, we’re just doing our job. Someone hired us to renovate for them. He’s the owner. He has the keys.”

Yan Qingsi frowned. Miss Mai paid the rent for a full year, but it was barely even a month. Even if the person wanted to terminate the rental contract, he could not just do so without giving them a call. Something was definitely going on here.

She asked coldly. “Owner? Who’s the owner? Tell him to show himself.”

A voice called out from behind Yan Qingsi. “It’s me!”

She turned around immediately and saw a man standing behind her. The person looked so f*cking familiar with that smug face. Who else could it be if it were not for Yue Tingfeng?

The workers said, “Miss, this is the owner. He’s paying us to do this.”

Yan Qingsi looked coldly at Yue Tingfeng. “Get the f*ck out, or I’ll call the police.”

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