Chapter 16 - Oh? You’re Interested In Me? (III)

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Chapter 16: Oh? You’re Interested In Me? (III)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

‘I’m not worthy but Yue Tingfeng is?’

‘Yes, he is.’

Yan Qingsi’s words echoed in Luo Jinchuan’s mind which irritated him to no end. There was a roaring fire burning in his heart. In what way was Yue Tingfeng better than him?

A voice interrupted his thoughts. “Young Master Jin, what’s wrong? There’s such a lovely lady by your side and you’re not even touching her. Worried that your girlfriend will be jealous?”

From his daydream, Luo Jinchuan snapped back to reality and smiled. “Nothing much. I was just thinking about a long-lost friend that I ran into today.”


“My future sister-in-law.”

“Your sister-in-law?”

“Yan Mingzhu’s sister.”

At that description, the man called out, “Oh… I remember now. It’s Yan Qingsi right?”

“Why do you remember her?” Luo Jinchuan asked in a curious tone.

“Oh, boy do I remember her. That woman… I heard she’s quite the flirt. Seducing other people’s boyfriends. But she never came to me.”

Someone beside him joked. “You want to be seduced by her?”

“Of course! That kind of woman is not your everyday woman. She’s a stunner, that one. You rarely see her around and I get hard just looking at her. I’m not kidding, if not I would’ve forgotten about her after so many years. It was a shame that she was sent out of the country before I could have a chance.”

“Well, she’s back now. Your chance is coming.”

“You’re right.”

Luo Jinchuan’s pale hand tightened around the glass. It seemed that he was not the only man obsessed with Yan Qingsi.

“Young Master Yue, your fiancee is Yan Qingsi’s aunt, right? Have you seen that woman before?” asked a patron.

Yue Tingfeng lounged on the sofa and swirled the drink in his hand. He replied lazily, “Who’s Yan Qingsi? Never heard of her.”

Luo Jinchuan studied Yue Tingfeng’s half-smile expression. Yan Qingsi’s name did not elicit any signs of recognition.

As if the incident three years ago was nothing.

Yan Qingsi’s role had been secured for the television series, ‘Beauty’s Rival in Palace’. All that was left was the agreement signing and the shooting schedule.

However, there was no news for the other role that she auditioned for in the movie, ‘The Scent of Her’. It had been a week of waiting. On Saturday night, while Yan Qingsi was already in bed, Miss Mai rang the doorbell out of the blue.

“Qingsi, hurry up. Wake up. Director Guo, the producer, and some of the shareholders want to see you.”

Yan Qingsi frowned. “It’s late. Where do they want to meet?”

“Tonight, the lead actor and actress are having a meeting with the producer, shareholders, and the director. Qingsi, we need to look at the big picture. Tonight is important for your career.”

The instructions were not given explicitly but Yan Qingsi understood the underlying meaning of Miss Mai’s words.

A meeting? So late at night? Haha…

Yan Qingsi nodded. “I understand.”

Seeing Yan Qingsi agree wholeheartedly, Miss Mai felt a pang of guilt. “Qingsi, you’re new to the scene and not getting any younger. If you miss this opportunity, there may not be another chance.”

“Say no more. I know what I want,” Yan Qingsi said as she went through her closet for an appropriate dress.

Yan Qingsi knew her ambitions better than anyone else. She wanted power, she wanted revenge. She had waited three years and she was done waiting. Now, her main goal was to rise quickly in the entertainment industry.

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