Chapter 160 - Everything Belongs to Me, Including You

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Chapter 160: Everything Belongs to Me, Including You

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Yue Tingfeng’s expression sunk. He looked at Yan Qingsi from the corner of his eye and walked past her into the house. He told all the workers, “Get going. If you don’t finish it by tomorrow noon, I’ll cut your pay by half.”

The workers continued working immediately after hearing his words. No one dared to dilly-dally anymore.

Yan Qingsi’s face was morphing considerably. She gnashed her teeth and said, “Yue Tingfeng. Take your men away and get the f*ck out of here.”

All he did was smirk. Being taller than Yan Qingsi, he looked coldly at her in contempt, as if to say, ‘I’m staying put, let’s see what you’re gonna do about it?’

He looked elegantly noble, like a flower high up in the mountains.

Yan Qingsi knew, however, that deep inside, he was a f*cking shameless person.

She took out her cellphone from her bag and called management. “Hello, is this the management? There’s a thief in my apartment. Come over immediately.”

Management came along with security, but when they saw Yue Tingfeng, they placed their hands on their hips and nodded.

“These people are trespassing. Chase them out immediately and get them to compensate for all the damage they’ve done.”

One of the staff from management realized that the situation was a tricky one. “Miss Yan. He’s the owner. The unit now belongs to… Mr. Yue.”


Yan Qingsi turned around and stared directly into Yue Tingfeng’s eyes.

His lips began curling up and his good-looking face sported a sh*t-eating grin. “I’ll remind you right now to call me landlord!”

With that, he turned over to the workers and said, “If everything’s finished ahead of schedule, I’ll double your pay.”

He used his actions to tell Yan Qingsi, ‘This is my house now. What does it have to do with you if I renovate my own home?’

Yan Qingsi could roughly understand what was going on. That bastard Yue Tingfeng completely disregarded Miss Mai’s prior arrangement with the previous landlord, who did not even bother to inform them before selling off the unit. Within that period of time, she would have jumped off the sixteenth floor if Yue Tingfeng did not disturb her.

She knew that he had been planning something after being silent for so many days.

He had actually been scheming all that during the past few days!

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Fine, you have the money, you can f*cking do what you want. Where’s my stuff?”

She shot a few days’ worth of scenes and was extremely tired because of that. She just wanted a place to have some rest, drink some water, and get some sleep. She had no energy to deal with Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng lifted her chin. “This room is now mine, so everything inside it belongs to me.”

Once again, Yan Qingsi looked at Yue Tingfeng’s smug face and wished she could take off her shoes and fling them at him.

She smiled, exposing her two rows of pearly teeth. “Sure, it’s yours. It’s all yours! Why don’t you say that I’m yours as well?”

Yan Qingsi was practically screaming with that last sentence.

She did not expect Yue Tingfeng to be so cheeky while keeping a straight face. “You know me too well. You’re mine, of course.”

Both management and security felt something odd in the atmosphere. They left the place quietly and decided not to linger around as cannon fodder. To tear down the room or not to tear, that was between the two of them.

Yan Qingsi’s stomach hurt from all her anger. “Hehe, your shamelessness knows no bounds.”

Yue Tingfeng cocked a brow. “How modest. If it wasn’t you who taught me well.”

“Yue Tingfeng, you’d better watch out.”

Giving him a disdainful smile, Yan Qingsi took her luggage and left.

She was in no mood to bicker with Yue Tingfeng that day. She was too tired. Once she had her rest, she would devise a way to deal with that man. To think that he had the balls to mess up her home!

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