Chapter 161 - Who The F*ck Is Your Woman?

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Chapter 161: Who The F*ck Is Your Woman?

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Before reaching the elevator, the door was already opened. Jin Xuechu walked out of the elevator wearing a disguise to hide his identity. At the sight of Yan Qingsi, he said, “What a coincidence. I need to talk to you about the promotional—”

Yan Qingsi cut in and said, “I’m tired and I don’t want to talk. Quickly open your door and let me crash at your place for a bit.”

Yan Qingsi did not want to even lift her foot. The sound of the electric drill made her head feel like exploding. She was worried that she might throw something at Yue Tingfeng at any second now. That a*shole deserved to die.

Jin Xuechu stood there with a stunned expression. Glee brightened his heart as he assumed this meant Yan Qingsi wanted to…

His happiness only lasted a second as a harsh voice pulled him out of his thoughts. “You dare to go home with some guy while I’m standing here. Am I dead to you?”

Jin Xuechu was surprised to find Yue Tingfeng walking toward them. If he wanted to describe Yue Tingfeng in a fantasy novel, it would be along the lines of ‘he appeared with a murderous aura that frightened everyone’.

As a stakeholder, Jin Xuechu had seen Yue Tingfeng before when his company was bought over. That time, Jin Xuechu saw him as the young master of the Yue family. Now, he was here in a mediocre apartment block hallway. The whole encounter was just bizarre.

The most surprising thing of all was that Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi knew each other.

Yan Qingsi turned halfway and replied sarcastically, “You’re a living human?”

A second later, Yue Tingfeng laughed. “No, I’m the dog that got a bite of you.”

Before she could retort, Yue Tingfeng continued, “If I’m not human, why would I be rational?”

After that line, his long arms encircled Yan Qingsi and pulled her into his embrace. He carried her toward the elevator and pressed the button.

Yan Qingsi was so furious that one could almost see the smoke coming out from her mouth. She growled. “Let me down. Put me down this instance. Believe me, I’m gonna poison you and kill you.”

The elevator was climbing up to their floor. Yue Tingfeng tightened his hold to immobilize her. He pinched her chin and said, “I believe you. I can see you killing me and tearing my skin.”

Jin Xuechu finally recovered from his daze. He pulled off his mask and walked over. “CEO Yue, such forceful ways seem unnecessary.”

Yue Tingfeng’s eyes swept past Jin Xuechu. The air of haughtiness and nobility was on full display as he did not bother to look at Jin Xuechu when he spoke.

“My woman is none of your business. This is between me and her.”

Yan Qingsi felt a bit dizzy when she lowered her head. She shouted, “Who the f*ck is your woman?”

Piak! Yue Tingfeng smacked Yan Qingsi’s buttocks. His tone was icy when he said, “Shut your mouth. You miscarried our child and still dare to say otherwise?”

Yan Qingsi almost wanted to puke blood in response to his lie.

This was karma coming back to bite her in the *ss. That lie was supposed to trouble Yue Tingfeng but now it was being used against her. She did not expect him to bring up the pregnancy lie ever but clearly, he was shameless.

Jin Xuechu shot a look of surprise at Yan Qingsi. He assumed that the expressed anger was due to the embarrassment of the revelation.

Someone like Yue Tingfeng would probably not make up something so private and scandalous. The fact that he mentioned it…It was probably true.

Yan Qingsi and Yue Tingfeng were in a relationship?

Jin Xuechu could not express what he was feeling at that moment.

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