Chapter 162 - To Wake Up In Bed With You Every Day

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Chapter 162: To Wake Up In Bed With You Every Day

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It was as if something that had not begun but was already at its end.

Yan Qingsi gritted her teeth and shouted, “Yue Tingfeng! Are you even a man? Can you do something that a man would do?”

Yue Tingfeng’s gaze fell on her. His face sobered as he said shamelessly, “Right, let me take you home to do that manly deed.”

“Get away…” Yan Qingsi said.

The elevator door opened and Yue Tingfeng carried her in. “I’m taking you with me.”

Jin Xuechu opened his mouth. “Qingsi…”

Yan Qingsi said to him, “I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

From within the elevator, Yue Tingfeng glared at Jin Xuechu. “This is the first and last time. Put an end to the rumors.”

The elevator doors shut tight. The two figures disappeared from Jin Xuechu’s sight.

Now, he knew why his music video production was halted and the company was suddenly bought over.

He could never understand the situation before but the truth was out: it was because of Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi was Yue Tingfeng’s woman.

Jin Xuechu laughed to himself. No wonder the CEO of Golden Universe warned him about Yan Qingsi. She was not an ordinary woman.

He thought she was an eighteen-ranked actress. Who knew the woman had such formidable support.

Jin Xuechu recalled Yan Qingsi’s attitude toward Yue Tingfeng and chuckled. “You like her, but I like her too. I’m not someone who will back down. Guess we’ll each try our way.”

Did Jin Xuechu hate Yue Tingfeng after finding out about the truth?

Maybe not hate, but the situation dictated a certain level of dislike. The album that he had tirelessly worked on for two years was scrapped with just one word from Yue Tingfeng and the company was also swallowed by the Yue Group. Those were enough to make Jin Xuechu despise the man.

If the woman that Yue Tingfeng liked got together with him, that would be the sweetest revenge.

Before Yue Tingfeng entered the picture, Jin Xuechu was already interested in Yan Qingsi and had plans to court her. Yue Tingfeng’s appearance only strengthened his resolve.

Jin Xuechu turned around and walked back to his house. When he passed Yan Qingsi’s door, he saw that there were construction workers inside.

“Do try to keep it down.”

“That, yes, we’ll try.”

Yan Qingsi twisted and turned after she was unceremoniously dumped into the car. She glared at the man. “Yue Tingfeng, you’re committing a crime, you know that?”

Yue Tingfeng replied monotonously, “You shut your mouth. I don’t want to speak to you.”

The anger in her bubbled out into laughter. “You don’t want to talk to me yet you come running to my house.”

“Your house?”

Yan Qingsi grimaced. It was now Yue Tingfeng’s house. He was the rich man after all, throwing his money left and right trying to bury people.

Yue Tingfeng side-eyed Yan Qingsi. “I would not object if you call it our house.”

“No thanks.”

“With your kind of money, you can buy a villa. Why the hell did you buy a studio apartment? Did you do the math wrong? Or did you run out of places to build your house?” Yan Qingsi grumbled.

Yue Tingfeng smirked. “Oh? You really don’t know what I want?”

“Don’t tell me you’re a pervert,” Yan Qingsi said sarcastically.

Yue Tingfeng took a turn. “Wouldn’t call it a pervert, I just have an ambitious goal.”

Yan Qingsi was curious. “What goal?”

Yue Tingfeng stopped the car and turned to look at her in all seriousness. “To wake up in bed with you every day.”

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