Chapter 163 - We Are Loving Each Other

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Chapter 163: We Are Loving Each Other

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The next moment, Yan Qingsi’s shoe was seen flying out of the car as a mourning sound echoed.

Yan Qingsi regretted asking the question.

She should have known that nothing good would come out from Yue Tingfeng’s mouth.

To wake up in bed with her everyday?

Hehe… She wanted to punch him until he woke up.

Yue Tingfeng smoothed his hair. The stray shoe missed him and flew out of the car. Yue Tingfeng looked at the rearview mirror and styled his hair. A dispassionate look showed on his face as he said, “How long have you not washed your feet?”

Yan Qingsi propped up her exposed foot on the steering wheel and spat back, “If I knew that today would call for a shoe to hit on your head, I would not have washed my foot for a week.”

Yue Tingfeng looked at the bare foot, then at the shoe outside the car.

“Initially, I wanted to fly under the radar, keep my ambitious goal to myself but you asked. I am only telling the truth, why are you blaming me? Even though it is difficult, it is my dream and you can’t stop me.”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. “Fine, you dumb*ss, it’s your own logic. Now get my shoe back.”

In the past, Yan Qingsi found it easy to push Yue Tingfeng’s buttons and make him angry. Now, he seemed immune to her tactics.

It was not that she was pushing the wrong buttons, but Yue Tingfeng’s tolerance was improving and such things no longer bothered him.

Yue Tingfeng grabbed Yan Qingsi’s ankle and tossed her leg aside. “Do you take me for a fool? Why would I pick it up and let you throw the shoe at me again?”

Yan Qingsi kicked her leg over to Yue Tingfeng. “Did you think that my shoe is the only thing I can throw?”

Yue Tingfeng caught Yan Qingsi’s thigh and stole some touches. “So angry. Save up your energy. Didn’t you say that you wanted me to do some manly things to you? I’m ready.”

“You…” Yan Qingsi wanted to curse his ancestors.

A loud honk sounded from the back. Yue Tingfeng’s car was blocking traffic and the cars behind were getting impatient.

The driver from the car behind stuck out his head and yelled, “Are you guys moving? Take your fight home and don’t block the road.”

Yan Qingsi was offended that the driver associated her with Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng leaned out and shouted, “Who said we were fighting? We’re loving each other, you hear that?”

Yan Qingsi sent a kick over.

Yue Tingfeng’s mood was improving and he inched the car forward. “I’m driving now, don’t try to hit me. What happens if I lose my cool and crash into something?”

The leg retreated. “What then? I’ll take you down with me.”

Yan Qingsi truly felt like killing Yue Tingfeng this instant. She was slowly being driven mad by him.

She wondered where that aloof persona of his went.

Yue Tingfeng extended his hand to stroke her cheek. “Tsk, who knew you loved me so much that you wanted to die with me.”

Yan Qingsi was speechless.

She wanted to choke him.

Yan Qingsi shut her eyes and stopped talking to Yue Tingfeng for her own sake.

The man was shameless now. He was no longer that aloof and easily embarrassed man. He was blind.

Yue Tingfeng glanced at the passenger seat. Seeing her fuming in silence, he smirked.

At the start, he was the fool that was constantly manipulated by her. Now…

He had the time and patience to spare in this game.

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