Chapter 164 - Your Son Came Onto Me In The Car

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Chapter 164: Your Son Came Onto Me In The Car

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Yue Tingfeng brought her to the same private mansion as before. Yan Qingsi refused to be carried by him and walked awkwardly into the elevator while he laughed.

Yan Qingsi was not worried about what he would do to her as she had ten thousand ways of making sure he did not get that far.

They got off the elevator. Yue Tingfeng unlocked the door with a passcode.

A delicious smell wafted from the house. Yan Qingsi was hungry and the smell whetted her appetite.

Yue Tingfeng smelled the cooking too. He frowned as he walked into the house. “Ma!’

Other than him, only his mother had access to this house.

Why was it that every time he brought Yan Qingsi over, the old woman would also be here? Was it a coincidence?

Yue Tingfeng was disappointed. With his mother around, his plan was not going to work.

Mrs. Yue walked out from the kitchen wearing an apron. “Son, you’re back. You weren’t home for the past few days. Come let me…”

Her words died in her mouth when she saw Yan Qingsi behind Yue Tingfeng. She almost panicked at the sight of the woman.

Yan Qingsi was also shocked to see Mrs. Yue in the house. They had only met each other twice prior to this and none of their encounters had been very pleasant.

Especially the last one when she just had a ‘miscarriage’.

That incident made Mrs. Yue uneasy around Yan Qingsi. After all, it was her son’s fault.

Yan Qingsi rushed toward Mrs. Yue while waving. “Auntie, what a coincidence. We meet again.”

Seeing Mrs. Yue, Yan Qingsi’s brain went into overdrive, thinking of all the ploys she could use.

Mrs. Yue cleared her throat. “This… Food is almost ready…”

She turned around and retreated into the kitchen.

Yan Qingsi’s lips curled upward. “Tsk, your mom and I have the same fate, won’t you say? Maybe this means I am closer to my goal of becoming your stepmother.”

Yue Tingfeng glowered at Yan Qingsi and her belly. “Heh heh, right, fate.”

Mrs. Yue walked out of the kitchen once she had calmed down. Her rich lady persona was back up. Although she still felt guilty, such emotions could not be shown to the little minx, lest she would use it to her advantage to enter the Yue family.

Mrs. Yue saw that Yan Qingsi was wearing only one shoe. “Your shoe?”

Yan Qingsi nodded toward Yue Tingfeng. “Ask your son.”

Mrs. Yue turned around and questioned, “What were you doing?”

Yue Tingfeng was drinking water, wearing a gloomy expression on his face. Seeing that he was not responding, Yan Qingsi let out a dramatic sigh. “Ah… Your son was having a fit. He could not wait and wanted to have sex with me in the car. I couldn’t stop him and… well, that’s how my shoe went missing.”

Yue Tingfeng choked on the water.

He was coughing as he glared at Yan Qingsi.

He finally understood what his mom was feeling whenever she met Yan Qingsi. This woman was spouting nonsense from her mouth.

The facade that Mrs. Yue tried so hard to maintain was shattered once again. Her mouth hung agape as disbelief filled her.

Yan Qingsi was walking unsteadily with one missing shoe. Her clothes were disheveled and her hair was unkempt. The image she had painted was not impossible. Mrs. Yue’s face turned bright red.

The old woman turned to Yue Tingfeng and scolded, “What are you playing at? She… She just had a miscarriage less than a month ago!”

The blame was placed squarely on Yue Tingfeng’s shoulder. “Ma, I…”

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