Chapter 166 - ’ve Taken An Interest In Your Man!

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Chapter 166: I’ve Taken An Interest In Your Man!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Once Yue Tingfeng heard Yan Ruke’s name, he turned and glared at his mother. The cold anger in his eyes made Mrs. Yue shiver.

Mrs. Yue was embarrassed and turned to glare at Yan Qingsi. She quickly explained to Yue Tingfeng, “I don’t know why she’s calling. I didn’t pick up the call. Who knows why she’s calling me. I’ll blacklist her number.”

She was just lecturing her son a moment ago and now she’s lost the argument after one phone call.

Her phone was still ringing when Yan Qingsi said to Mrs. Yue, “Don’t blacklist yet. She’s been calling multiple times, it might be something serious. Maybe you should ask first.”

Yan Qingsi angled her head and smiled at Yue Tingfeng. “Aren’t I right, dear?”

The term of endearment was said with such exaggeration that Mrs. Yue glared at Yan Qingsi and thought, ‘Little minx.’

Yue Tingfeng played along with Yan Qingsi even though he knew she had bad intentions. “Ma, just answer the call and ask her what’s going on? And don’t let me find out that you’re still privately in contact with her.”

Mrs. Yue did not dare to fight against her son’s will. In her heart, she was grumbling about Yan Ruke calling at such an inconvenient time.

She raised the phone to her ear and spoke, “Hello, Ruke. What’s going on?”

Yan Ruke’s voice sounded weak through the phone. “Auntie, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be bothering you but there’s something I need to ask you. It’s urgent. Is Tingfeng…”

Once Mrs. Yue heard that it was Yue Tingfeng, she quickly interjected, “Okay. I think it’s best you don’t call me again. Tingfeng is with me now and he will be unhappy. I’m hanging up…”

As Mrs. Yue was hanging up the phone, Yan Qingsi suddenly snatched the phone from her hand. Yan Qingsi had been eyeing Mrs. Yue this whole time.

Shocked that her phone was stolen, Mrs. Yue called out, “You…”

She tried to take her phone back but Yue Tingfeng blocked her.

Yue Tingfeng wanted to witness what Yan Qingsi wanted to say to Yan Ruke.

Immediately after getting the phone, Yan Qingsi made the calculated move of switching on the loudspeaker mode. Voice dripping with poison, she said, “My darling aunt, how are you these days?”

A rustling sound was heard on the other end. A moment passed before Yan Ruke’s trembling voice could be heard. “Who are you?”

Yan Qingsi flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten me, it’s only been three years. Guess you didn’t really hate me after all.”

“Yan. Qing. Si…” Even through the phone, the hatred that accompanied her words could be heard.

Yan Qingsi shot a look at the red-faced Mrs. Yue and laughed. “Yes. It is me.”

“Where’s Auntie Yue?” On the other end, Yan Ruke was trying her best to control her temper and voice. She knew that she could not risk tarnishing her image in Mrs. Yue’s heart, especially with Yue Tingfeng present. She could not waste all of her previous efforts.

The fact that Yan Qingsi had Mrs. Yue’s phone almost made Yan Ruke crumble.

A wicked smile appeared on Yan Qingsi’s face. “Still your auntie? I thought after three years, you would be calling her mom. Yet, you’re still stuck here. A thirty-year-old hag, you should just give up!”

Yan Ruke shrieked into the phone. “Yan Qingsi, you watch your mouth. The fact that I’ve not held you against that incident three years ago shows my kindness. What are you trying to do now?”

Yan Qingsi turned to look at Yue Tingfeng and said into the phone, “I wanted to tell you, auntie, I’m sorry but I’ve taken an interest in your man!”

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