Chapter 169 - That Little Minx Is Your Son’s Woman

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Chapter 169: That Little Minx Is Your Son’s Woman

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Mrs. Yue almost turned red from anger. She clutched her chest and sobbed. “Argh, I… My chest hurts. I can’t breathe…”

Yue Tingfeng had no sympathy for his mother. “Ma, stop acting.”

Mrs. Yue replied, “You horrible child, how dare you speak to your mother like that?”

Yue Tingfeng’s eyes strayed to the bedroom door. “Ma, head back home. You won’t win against the little minx inside.”

To Yue Tingfeng, Yan Qingsi was placed at a higher level than his mother. She could get rid of her anytime she wanted.

At this thought, Yue Tingfeng suspected that Yan Qingsi was not fully invested in attacking his mother—most probably because the old woman was too easy a target. There was no point in wasting her time and effort on Mrs. Yue.

Mrs. Yue implored, “Yes, yes. I’m no match for her, but you are. Ruke is much better than this little minx. You can have fun with her too, why does it have to be this minx?”

Hearing Ruke’s name elicited disgust in Yue Tingfeng. “Yan Ruke is nothing. She would be a drop in my standards. I’ll say this one more time, do not entertain her, she will sell you out.”

Mrs. Yue let out a discontented huff. “And her niece doesn’t lower your standards?”

Yue Tingfeng said in a serious tone, “Yes, she doesn’t. I happen to like this niece.”

“You… How could you be as shameless as that little hussy!” Mrs. Yue raised her voice, “I really have no control over you anymore!”

Yue Tingfeng slowly pushed his mom toward the main door. “Ma, I don’t need you to concern yourself with my business. Let me have my fun. I don’t need you to nag me about marriage and kids, I will handle it when the time comes. You said it yourself, you can’t control me anymore and I won’t listen to you no matter how hard you try. So just let it go.”

“Argh… Don’t push me! You better walk the talk.”

“Of course!”

Mrs. Yue was still dissatisfied with the situation. She turned back and asked, “That little minx… You plan on letting her act like she owns the place while she stays here?”

Yue Tingfeng chuckled and said, “That little minx is your son’s woman. Her behavior is my business. But, don’t you already know? No one can be as obnoxious as me, I’ll take care of it. Go on home.”

That, the old woman believed. Her son was a fiend in human form, and no one could stand against him.

Mrs. Yue thought for a moment, then gave her son some advice. “You… Be more careful. Don’t cause another life to be lost. She recently lost a baby, be a bit more considerate.”

Yue Tingfeng could not help but roll his eyes. “How I wish…”

“What’s that?”

“Nothing. Go back home, Ma.”

Mrs. Yue was finally ushered to the door although she was somewhat unwilling to leave.

When the main door was shut, Yue Tingfeng let out a sigh of relief. The commotion between the two women was giving him a headache.

Yue Tingfeng opened the bedroom door and found Yan Qingsi sound asleep on the bed as if she was in her own house. She did not even bother taking off her shoes.

He felt like he had stumbled into the Yan Qingsi’s house instead of his own.

This heartless woman took him as her weapon to open fire on Yan Ruke. She even managed to anger his mother to the point of vomiting blood. Yan Qingsi really had the guts to bet that Yue Tingfeng would side her instead of his own mother.

She was daring and afraid of nothing.

Truth be told, Yue Tingfeng knew that the line, ‘I’ve taken an interest in your man!’, was just something Yan Qingsi said to infuriate Yan Ruke. Yet, hearing that made his heart race— it boosted his mood.

Even the rumors surrounding Jin Xuechu and Yan Qingsi seemed less frustrating now.

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