Chapter 17 - This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift (I)

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Chapter 17: This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift (I)

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“As long as you know what you’re getting into. At the end of the day, it’s up to how much effort you pay. Things may not end up badly.” Miss Mai tried to sound optimistic.

Yan Qingsi just muttered her assent.

Yan Qingsi arrived at the address given by Miss Mai. The place was Luo City’s most esteemed club frequented by rich businessmen—Jade Orchid Pavilion.

The elegant name belied the true nature of the establishment.

As she stepped into the building, two words floated into her mind, ‘obscene wealth’.

Most of the patrons here were so rich that they did not know where to spend their money, so they ended up here.

The attractive hostess escorted Yan Qingsi to the reserved room. The door swung open and Yan Qingsi heard the chorus of the hit song, ‘The Most Dazzling Folk Style’ by Phoenix Legend being belted loudly.

She could not help but smirk.

The producer was the first to see her enter the room. “Miss Yan, you’re finally here. Bring her some alcohol. You need to drink as a punishment for your tardiness.”

Yan Qingsi smiled and did not reject. Drinking was not a choice in this situation so she might as well do it willingly.

She gulped down three glasses of white wine before heading over to greet the director and the movie leads.

She watched as the lead actress, Hu Minxi, practically sat in the lap of one of the shareholders. The man’s hand was fumbling around the insides of her thighs. There was a hint of frustration in the actress’s eyes but she kept her mask in place—all smiles and sweet words.

The director was talking to the lead actor, Song Qingyan, as all of this was happening. Even if he witnessed the scene, he would have pretended that nothing happened.

Having witnessed the frustration of Hu Minxi, Yan Qingsi could not help but wonder what was going to be her future. Yan Qingsi was disgusted.

Another shareholder took interest in Yan Qingsi. His small, beady eyes drank in the sight of Yan Qingsi greedily. “Miss Yan, the photos really do you no justice. I’ve been alive for so long and I’ve yet to see someone as uniquely beautiful as you.”

She gave him a practiced smile. “Director He, that’s an overstatement. And, just call me Qingsi.”

Her friendly reply made him very happy…

Half an hour later, with a stomach full of alcohol, Yan Qingsi ‘accidentally’ spilled wine on her dress. She took this chance to leave for the bathroom. She needed a break from all the inappropriate touches by the old men.

The shareholder’s insinuations were clear. If Yan Qingsi spent the night with him, she would get that role.

Yan Qingsi was having second doubts about her plan and she blamed it on the alcohol.

D*mn it! She really did not want to sleep with CEO He, the ugly old man. Deep down, she knew that if she could accept such dealings once, she would do it again. Mistakes were bound to be repeated.

Yan Qingsi did not care about the sanctity of her body but she reminded herself that this body was given by her mother.

Her mother’s parting words echoed, ‘Qingsi, you must live well, you must find happiness…’

Was she supposed to go down this path? Sell her body for some role?

Yan Qingsi snapped open her handbag and retrieved a lipstick. She removed the cap and revealed a bag of white powder resting inside the lipstick tube.

Her expression shifted from worrisome to ruthless. If it came down to it, she could always fall back on the badger game scheme. Before flying back to the country, she knew that these situations were inevitable in the entertainment industry. After all, she was Yan Qingsi, not someone who would simply sleep around.

Her ringtone blared—it was Miss Mai calling. Yan Qingsi answered the call and briefly updated her on the situation.

Miss Mai paused for a second before saying, “That’s how it’s been in the country. If you’re new to the scene, you have to put in a bit of extra effort in order to get the role. It is inevitable. Qingsi… You’re the bravest woman I know. I know you’ll make the right choice.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Yan Qingsi, followed by a hollow chuckle.

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