Chapter 170 - Yue Tingfeng Is Mine, Don’t You Dare Try to Steal Him Away

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Chapter 170: Yue Tingfeng Is Mine, Don’t You Dare Try to Steal Him Away

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Yue Tingfeng closed the bedroom door and called Jiang Lai on the phone. “Do me a favor, warn Yan Ruke that if she dares lay a finger on Yan Qingsi, I will sink her to the lowest rung of society in Luo City. Tell her that I will no longer tolerate her dumb tricks.”

After he hung up the call, Yue Tingfeng switched off his phone and took off his shirt. He went into the bedroom. He threw aside the dangling shoe on Yan Qing’s foot and went under the covers, hugging her to sleep.

Well, when he said that he wanted to wake up next to Yan Qingsi every day, he meant it.

As peaceful as Yan Qingsi’s sleep was, Yan Ruke was experiencing the total opposite of it. Her mental state was bordering the line of insanity.

At the current moment, Yan Ruke looked like the devil with her bloodshot eyes—she was on a rampage in her office. Everything—the computer, her phone, her mug, files—was strewn across the office floor.

Yan Ruke held a blade in her hand and slashed at a doll given to her by her subordinate. When she finally stopped, the doll was unrecognizable and the stuffing littered the floor.

Yan Ruke muttered under her breath, “I knew it. Yan Qingsi would never let me go. I knew it…”

“B*tch, b*tch, b*tch! Why did you have to steal my man? Why? Why aren’t you dead? Why didn’t you just die along with your mother…”

“Yan Qingsi, I will never forgive you. Don’t you dare steal things from me and ruin the good life I have… Yue Tingfeng is mine!”

Yan Ruke picked up her phone, but the impact had rendered it unfunctional.

She walked to her desk and picked up the office phone.

“Hello, Brother Zhao, help me track Yan Qingsi’s latest whereabouts. Yes, I want the exact time and location. You can set the price.”

She put down the receiver. Yan Ruke’s face twisted into a hideous, angry snarl.

‘Yan Qingsi, I’ll never have my peace whilst you’re still alive.’

‘You signed your death warrant when you came back. Don’t say that I didn’t show mercy.’

Yan Qingsi was incredibly tired and slept until three in the afternoon. She was awoken by her hungry stomach.

She rubbed her belly and got out of bed, not caring if there was someone lying next to her. She then sleepily made her way into the kitchen.

A pot of chicken soup was still on the stove, along with some other dishes. She just needed to heat the food up.

Yan Qingsi leaned against the stove with her eyes fixated on the pot. Part of her wished the flame would burn hotter to speed up the heating process.

Finally, steam could be seen emanating from the pot. The aroma of chicken soup filled the kitchen. Yan Qingsi quickly grabbed herself a big bowl of soup.

She turned off the gas and turned around to find Yue Tingfeng leaning against the kitchen doorway. His eyes watched her hug the big bowl of soup.

Yan Qingsi clutched the bowl tighter. “Take it yourself if you want some.”

“Serve me a bowl.” Yue Tingfeng walked toward her.

“Why don’t you ask me to feed you instead?”

Yue Tingfeng nodded his head. “I was just about to. How about you feed me?”

“Hehe… Aren’t you funny? F*ck off, let me eat my food in peace.”

Yue Tingfeng leaned forward. “Then let me feed you.”

That line almost made Yan Qingsi lose her appetite. She raised her head and said, “Does your mother know how shameless her son is?”

Yue Tingfeng squeezed into the single-seater couch with Yan Qingsi. “Of course she knows. That soup was meant for me, so let me drink some.”

Yan Qingsi suddenly grabbed Yue Tingfeng’s hand and placed it on her belly. “No, it was not meant for you. It’s for the unborn child that you heartlessly killed!”

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