Chapter 173 - How Shameless of Her to Be Kissing Him in the Street

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Chapter 173: How Shameless of Her to Be Kissing Him in the Street

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Yue Tingfeng had asked the store attendant for their ugliest yet most comfortable pair of shoes. The attendant immediately recommended that pair to him, and true enough, they were hideous.

Yan Qingsi was speechless due to her exasperation. “You…”

Yue Tingfeng asked with a cold expression, “Aren’t you going to wear it?”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. “Sure, I’ll have to wear it. Who was the one that made me barefoot in the first place?”

She then put on those horrendous-looking flats.

Her feelings at that time were subtle because, in spite of everything, Yue Tingfeng was the first man who had ever bought her a pair of shoes.

It was not out of the ordinary for men to buy flowers and there were plenty who did so. As for buying shoes though… he was the one and only person who had done that!

Yue Tingfeng cocked his brow contentedly. “Tsk. Isn’t that lovely?”

Yan Qingsi was a size 37; her feet were neither too big nor too small. The flats that Yue Tingfeng bought fitted her just nicely.

Puzzled, Yan Qingsi wondered why Yue Tingfeng knew her feet size.

She clenched her jaw and chided him, “It looks beautiful. Why don’t you get a pair for yourself?”

Yue Tingfeng raised his chin and replied, “I can’t, of course. I’m handsome. Why should I wear a pair of shoes that will lower my good-looks?”

Funny. It was not like he went around seducing people like Yan Qingsi. He was not even able to get Yan Qingsi, and if he looked any uglier, he would not have had the tiniest chance of getting her.

Yan Qingsi chuckled. ‘I feel like kicking him. Isn’t there anything I can do about it?’

All of a sudden, she saw a car pull up behind them. A head then popped out sneakily from the window. Briefly stunned, Yan Qingsi narrowed her eyes and muttered, “What a coincidence.”

Yue Tingfeng asked, “What was that?”

Yan Qingsi looked up abruptly and smirked impishly at Yue Tingfeng. Without waiting for him to react, she leaned out of the car, hugged Yue Tingfeng, then kissed him.

Everything happened too fast and Yue Tingfeng’s mind went blank immediately. His hands, though, reacted faster than his brain and was already hugging her back.

As he kissed her, he thought smugly to himself, ‘Ugh, women are so fickle. One moment she hates the ugly shoes, then the next, she’s kissing me on the street out of gratitude. People are coming and going here, but she’s so shameless. She’s not even afraid of being seen.’

The more pleased he was with his thoughts, the tighter his hands gripped her.

After a while, Yan Qingsi was blushing. Her lips were slightly swollen and her eyes were watery, looking much more like the vixen she was. She released herself from Yue Tingfeng’s neck and said flirtatiously, “Babe, let’s go.”

Yue Tingfeng felt a numbing in his bones. It was the first time Yan Qingsi was so docile and flirty with him—it was an unprecedented occurrence.

Still, he was not used to the sudden affection since resistance had been the norm.

She was unusually captivating. ‘Yan Qingsi, this woman, becoming that well-behaved?’, he thought. Yue Tingfeng did not buy it.

Clearing his throat, he wrapped his arms around Yan Qingsi’s waist and asked, “Tell me, what’s up with you?”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes at him and extended a finger to touch his lips. “Nothing, it’s just… I wanted to thank you. Why? You don’t want it? Do you prefer being kicked?”

Yue Tingfeng leaned close to her and placed his lips close to her ear, “Sure, I want it. Why wouldn’t I? But I don’t think that’s enough. How about we get a room tonight?”

She reached out and pinched his waist. “Heh… a pair of old lady shoes and you want me to spend the night with you? Keep dreaming. You’re such a scrooge. Do your employees know about this?”

Yan Qingsi pinched rather hard, which caused Yue Tingfeng to inhale sharply.

She glanced at the car behind her and grinned coldly. ‘Still patient, I see.’

Her hand lifted Yue Tingfeng’s chin and said, “CEO Scrooge, let’s go. I need to earn money to support us, otherwise, in the future, you wouldn’t even have two coins as my tip.”

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