Chapter 18 - This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift (II)

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Chapter 18: This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift (II)

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Miss Mai heard the change in Yan Qingsi’s tone and asked, “Qingsi, are you thinking about giving up?”

“Give up? You must be joking.”

Yan Qingsi knew that she was on the path of no return. Whatever the means, she was getting her revenge.

She was not going to allow a little pain and suffering to stand in the way of her goal. She would not rest until the despicable family that ruined her mother got what they deserved.

Miss Mai teetered between the two stances and said worriedly, “Qingsi… Maybe we should just give up. Come on home. I can get you other roles. I can pick you up now.”

The reflection in the bathroom mirror was herself, a woman of impeccable beauty—a twenty-five-year-old who was at the peak of her youth.

Yan Qingsi brushed her fingers across her cheek. “Other roles? CEO He is not the only bad apple in the basket. There’re CEO Lee, CEO Wang, CEO Zhao… Your concern is appreciated, Miss Mai.”


“Rest assured. I do not intend to be taken advantage of.”

Yan Qingsi hung up the phone. She still felt tipsy which led to her taking out a pack of cigarettes. With a cigarette in her mouth, she rummaged through her handbag for a lighter.

There was no lighter to be found, so she walked out of the ladies with a cigarette between her teeth. She was swaying slightly when she spotted a tall figure at the door of the men’s bathroom. The area was dimly lit so she could not make out his face. What little light that was available only showed off his lips which were moving—a phone call most likely.

Yan Qingsi squinted her eyes. The man was born with a pair of attractive lips.

The lips were sensual, the type that incited an urge to kiss them. Yan Qingsi felt a sense of familiarity with the man.

She walked over to him and asked, “Hey, got a light?”

The man turned to face her. Although she was looking up at him, her impaired mental faculties made her vision blurry. The more she focused, the harder it was to see.

A stranger stormed out of a private room a few feet away, yelling, “F*ck you. I spent a load here and you let me play with fake boobs? F*ck. I’m gonna call 3.15FM and tell them about this.”

The loud voice made Yan Qingsi’s head throb but humor took over her. She grinned and propped her C cup chest outward. “Heh, why don’t you take a guess if these are silicone implants?”

The only response she got was the click of a lighter.

She leaned forward to light her cigarette. “Thank you.”

“Do you want a stick?”


As the flame flickered and died, Yan Qingsi saw the pinkish lips that were thin and pursed. Irresistible and oddly familiar.

In the span of seconds, the alcohol in her blood turned into an aphrodisiac. She felt her body heating up. She was turned on.

Her mouth was as dry as a desert but her eyes did not leave the man’s lips.

Giving into temptations, she pushed the man back to the wall and stood on tiptoe to kiss him.

Standing in front of the men’s bathroom, accompanied by the loud voice of a dissatisfied customer, she kissed a stranger whose face she could not even see. She must have been mad.

Well, ‘wild’ had been her middle name. This was nothing.

Instead of being taken advantage by that old geezer, CEO He, she was there kissing a pretty boy. The rebelliousness excited her and she deepened the kiss. This feeling… was familiar. Had she kissed the man before?

The smell of alcohol wafted between their clashing lips and teeth. The smell of the woman, however, was much more intoxicating than alcohol.

The kiss simmered down and Yan Qingsi released the man from her grip.

“That’s to thank you for the light. You taste not bad…”

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