Chapter 19 - This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift (III)

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Chapter 19: This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift (III)

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The kiss simmered down and Yan Qingsi released the man from her grip.

“That’s to thank you for the light. You taste not bad…”

Yan Qingsi patted the man’s cheek and smiled charmingly. Holding the lit cigarette between her fingers, she said wistfully, “A few years back, I might have spent the night with you for this cigarette.”

Yan Qingsi steadied her feet and turned around to leave. A hand gripped her by the arm and spun her body around. She ended up being pinned against the women’s bathroom door.

The alcohol flowing in her bloodstream and the sudden jarring movement made her head spin. Her legs felt like they would give out on her.

The man whom she kissed spoke, “Spend the night with me and I’ll make you the female lead of ‘The Scent of Her’.”

His voice was a low rumble — an irresistible husky tone. It sounded as if there was something he was suppressing

Yan Qingsi blinked, “Off the record?”

“More or less.”

Yan Qingsi gathered her strength and pushed the man away. Once out of his grasp, she started walking away from the bathroom area.

She took a few unsteady steps and glanced over her shoulder. The man was still standing at the same spot. “Aren’t we leaving?”


“To consolidate that off-the-record deal. Come on. My treat.”

Yan Qingsi did not know what she was doing. All she knew was that the opportunity to become the lead actress for ‘The Scent of Her’ had arisen and she was taking it.

As for CEO He… Well, he had been long since forgotten.

That old pig… She could not stand another sight of him.

She made the decision to follow her heart. She would rather leave with a stranger inebriated than to sleep with the CEO.

Everything was a blur to Yan Qingsi. She might have overdone herself. After getting into the car, she promptly fell asleep.

When she was half awake, she was lying on a hotel bed. There was a heavy weight on her abdomen — it was the man and he was looking at her. He held her chin and asked, “You’re still sleeping?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head in a drunken fervor and laughed. “You look… familiar.”

“Familiar? Who do I look like?”

Yan Qingsi placed her finger between her teeth and paused as if she was ruminating. “I truly cannot remember.”

The man leaned down and bit her lower lip. His tongue traced the outline her lips. “You don’t remember the face but how about the name?”

Yan Qingsi moaned softly in response. She replied, “I don’t remember…”


He gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t remember anything, yet you say I look familiar?”

“The feeling when I kiss you is familiar…”

“How many people have you f*cking kissed in these few years?”

“I don’t know…”

Yan Qingsi could not remember the details of that night. She only knew that her clothes were torn apart and then… Well, nothing. One should never expect a hungover person to remember anything. She counted her lucky stars that she was still alive after leaving the club with a stranger.

When she finally woke up, she experienced a head-splitting migraine and her body was sore all over. Her muscles ached as she move.

A glance to the side told her that the man was long gone. The only trace of him was the depression in the pillow and the faint scent of his cologne.

Yan Qingsi got off the bed and looked for her clothes. She trudged around the hotel room in utter frustration when she found out what had happened. All her clothes were torn to shreds, even her bra and panties. That bastard wanted to keep her in the room.

Her anger was like a simmering volcano, ready to erupt at any moment.

Yan Qingsi had a plan yesterday, that was to pull CEO He into her badger game extortion scheme. Maybe drug him at night and wake up next to him in the morning. He would be none the wiser. In the end, she was the one who got played.

D*mn it, never trust the pretty ones.

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