Chapter 20 - I Remember That Scent (I)

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Chapter 20: I Remember That Scent (I)

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Yan Qingsi ran into the bathroom and grabbed a bathrobe. When she saw her reflection in the mirror, she was horrified. The expletive came naturally. “Son of a b*tch…”

There were love bites all over her body. The marks were numerous and peppered her whole body — her back, her thighs, even her insteps were not spared. Some marks were close to each other and looked like peach blossoms on her fair and easily-bruised skin. She let out a groan, thinking about how long it would take for all the hickeys to fade away.

Oddly, she was not taken advantage of in a sexual manner. While her body was sore, they were all due to the voracious biting and sucking.

The man just rolled her around and bit at her skin.

Yan Qingsi gritted her teeth. ‘That pervert.’

She wondered if he had been afflicted by mental issues, to have done such a thing.

Upon returning to her room, Yan Qingsi searched for her phone but to no avail. The man had taken even that. She kicked the coffee table in frustration.

She used the hotel phone and dialed for the lobby desk. The receptionist called Miss Mai on her behalf and asked for a set of clothing.

Yan Qingsi waited for half an hour before Miss Mai arrived.

Miss Mai entered the hotel room huffing and puffing. “What happened? I called you so many times and you didn’t answer.”

Yan Qingsi greeted her in the bathroom robe and took her clothes from Miss Mai. “My phone was taken away.”

Miss Mai saw the marks on Yan Qingsi’s neck and her expression changed into one of utter horror.

“Forget about the phone. What happened last night? Weren’t you supposed to go back with CEO He? I mean, no one forced you to sleep with him. But you ditched him halfway and now we have nothing to show for.”

Early in the morning, the producer of ‘The Scent of Her’ called Miss Mai and told her that Yan Qingsi left the party without a word. CEO He was not happy with the turn of events and Yan Qingsi can forget about the secondary role in their movie or any upcoming collaborations with the team.

Miss Mai was visibly angry with Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi laid her clothes out as she spoke. “Last night when I got out from the ladies, I bumped into a man who said if I slept with him, he would make me the lead actress for the movie. So I left with him.”

She took off the bathrobe unabashedly with Miss Mai in the room.

Miss Mai took a look at her body and inhaled sharply, “My goodness, you believed him? Clearly, you’ve been taken advantage of by a pervert.”

Yan Qingsi ignored Miss Mai’s words and rubbed her cheeks after she changed. “I know who he is.”

Miss Mai stood up and demanded, “Who?”

She had a look that seemed to say, ‘Tell me the pervert’s name and I’ll go chop off his balls.’

Yan Qingsi smiled and felt her heart gladdened. Although Miss Mai and her were just in this together for mutual gain, there was undoubtedly a bond of friendship between them.

“It’s nothing. Just an old face.”

Miss Mai retorted, “I thought you were drunk. How do you know?”

Yan Qingsi lifted her head and gave Miss Mai a mischievous grin. “I remember that scent.”

She remembered the taste of that kiss she had in front of the men’s bathroom door.

If she were being honest, she recognized the man ever since she saw the silhouette standing there in front of the bathroom door. She just did not want to admit to herself that she could recognize a man that she had not seen for three years from just his silhouette.

Miss Mai exclaimed, “What the f*ck… Really?”

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