Chapter 201 - Yan Qingsi, Don’t Fool Around so Much That You Dig Your Own Grave

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Chapter 201: Yan Qingsi, Don’t Fool Around so Much That You Dig Your Own Grave

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Yan Qingsi did not fancy Yan Mingzhu’s man.

Despite that, Yan Qingsi would not think twice about using him to spite Yan Mingzhu.

Yan Mingzhu was on the verge of losing her sanity. Anyone would have lost their minds with Yan Qingsi’s repeated provocations, let alone someone who crumbled as easily Yan Mingzhu. She opened her mouth intending to scream and shout, but before saying anything, Yan Songnan voiced out, “Jinchuan, we’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of you. Our two daughters are just too stubborn.”

Yan Songnan originally wanted to watch from the sidelines in order to figure out what Yan Qingsi’s intentions were. In the end though, Yan Mingzhu suffered repeated blows and was moments away from losing control, so Yan Songnan rushed over with Ye Lingzhi.

Yan Qingsi’s hand crept up Luo Jinchuan’s arm. “Don’t be so fierce, dear future brother-in-law. She’s here because she misses you.”

Luo Jinchuan’s hand trembled slightly. He knew she was pretending to be nice; he knew she was full of lethal thoughts; he knew she was lying, and he knew that her sole objective was to scheme against him. Despite all that, he could not help but feel moved when he heard her voice.

He gnashed his teeth. “Enough. Shut up…”

Yan Qingsi grinned. “Aww, feeling heartbroken? Fine then, since you feel that Big Sis is better than me, then so be it. I won’t come and bother you anymore.”


Yan Songnan looked at Yan Mingzhu. Her face was already blue and her eyes were filled with anger. She was like a mad dog that lost all rational thought. Inevitably, she was going to snap. Yan Songnan immediately said, “Qingsi…you’d better stop it before you cross the line.”

It was only then that Yan Qingsi properly looked at Yan Songnan. She then glanced briefly at the frigid-looking Ye Lingzhi beside him and feigned innocence. “Daddy, Auntie. Why aren’t you happy to see me? We haven’t met for three years. Throughout all that time, I’ve been thinking of you every single day. I couldn’t wait to come back home as soon as possible and be beside you. I want to…look after you and take care of you until you die. Don’t you miss your filial and well-behaved daughter?”

She placed extra emphasis on the words ‘until you die’. All three members of the Yan family shivered and felt a bone-chilling coldness.

Yan Qingsi was a devil disguised as a beautiful woman. She was incredibly beautiful on the outside, but her heart was completely black.

Still beaming with all smiles, Yan Qingsi looked stunningly attractive, enticing countless men to bow down before her.

Ye Lingzhi began speaking,” Qingsi…we won’t hold it against you for all those terrible things you did, but you have to preserve your dignity. Since you’re back, you should understand that things are different here than they are overseas. Don’t fool around so much that you dig your own grave.”

She was well-acquainted with the ways of the world. Veiled threats were aplenty when she spoke.

It was a warning to Yan Qingsi that it was their turf within the country. They can easily dispose of Yan Qingsi if they wanted to.

Yan Qingsi smiled charmingly. “You don’t need to worry, Auntie. I was born lowly. I won’t be digging my grave so easily. After all, I have my future brother-in-law to support me, don’t I? Even if I don’t have him, I still have my uncle.”

Her gaze wandered around as she replied tenderly, “But even if I dig my grave, I’ll make sure to drag a few people with me. Remember what I said three years ago when I left? I told you that I’ll come back sooner or later. See? I came back in one piece! We can finally have…a family reunion!”

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