Chapter 202 - He Obviously Prefers A Tramp Like Me

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Chapter 202: He Obviously Prefers A Tramp Like Me

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Upon hearing that, both Yan Songnan’s and Ye Lingzhi’s blood began to boil—Yan Qingsi was just too shameless. How could such a repulsive person exist in the world? No wonder she dared to make such a grand appearance after coming back home—it turns out she had gotten involved with Yue Tingfeng. That was not all, even Luo Jinchuan was treating her very differently.

If Yan Qingsi really did have Yue Tingfeng as support, then none of them could act rashly around her let alone lay their hands on her.

The creases in Ye Lingzhi’s face deepened from her frown. “Jinchuan is your brother’s boyfriend, while CEO Yue is your aunt’s man. Do you have any sense of shame, Yan Qingsi? Don’t get your hopes up that men will like you when you’re intentionally depriving yourself.”

The Yan family became angrier and angrier, while Yan Qingsi’s mood was getting better as time passed. She leaned her head on Luo Jinchuan’s shoulder, looking cute and helpless. “But I am deprived. I think Jinchuan likes me a lot, doesn’t he? Big Sis isn’t as pretty as me and her body’s not as beautiful either. Wouldn’t you agree that she can’t compare to me, my dear future brother-in-law?”

Luo Jinchuan lifted Yan Qingsi’s chin. “You’re really confident.”

Yan Qingsi blinked rapidly. “It’s all because of you.”

Curses were spewing out from Yan Mingzhu’s mouth. She struggled under Ye Lingzhi’s grip and was on the brink of losing sanity.

Ye Lingzhi and Yan Songnan held her back immediately. “Calm down Mingzhu… Calm down…”

Dance music then began playing and Yan Qingsi looked up and asked, “Aren’t you going to ask me for a dance, future brother-in-law?”

Luo Jinchuan looked carefully at her without saying a word.

Ye Lingzhi said hurriedly, “Jinchuan, think about Mingzhu. She’s your girlfriend.”

Yan Mingzhu’s tears began streaming down. “Jinchuan, you’re mine. You’re my boyfriend. How can you toss me aside to be with this whore…?”

Little did she expect that Luo Jinchuan would ignore her and extended a hand to Yan Qingsi instead. “Sure!”

Yan Qingsi placed her palm on his and followed him to the dance floor. She turned around and looked provocatively at the Yan family. Her eyes were filled with wickedness.

‘You think I came just to have a verbal spar with you? Please. Don’t be so naive.’

‘Next, I’ll make all of you feel uncomfortable.’

Luo Jinchuan held Yan Qingsi and began dancing away.

“Was it handy to use me as your ammunition?”

Yan Qingsi smiled beautifully. “Are you unwilling, Jinchuan?”

At times, Luo Jinchuan just wished he could choke that minx to death.

“Am I handier, or is Yue Tingfeng handier?”

A smile crept across Yan Qingsi’s lips. “Well, of course, its…”

She teased Luo Jinchuan’s appetite and trailed off for a couple of seconds before saying, “Why don’t you take a guess!”

Once the tune ended, Yan Qingsi spotted Tang Yuyao who had just arrived, from amongst the crowd of people. Their gazes met from afar and both of them instantly formed a tacit understanding.

Yan Qingsi let go of Luo Jinchuan. “I’m going to the washroom to check on my makeup. Don’t let yourself be seduced by any other minxes!”

Luo Jinchuan snickered. “Could there possibly be anyone else more minxy than you?”

“Fair point there.”

Yan Qingsi gave him some looks and turned around to take her to leave.

She went straight to Ye Lingzhi and intimately held the latter’s arm. “Auntie, let’s go to the toilet together. We haven’t met for so long and I miss you. There are so many things I want to tell you.”

Yan Qingsi then turned to Yan Mingzhu. “Big Sis, out of kindness, I’ll let you have some alone time to speak with your boyfriend.”

Ye Lingzhi had every intention of teaching Yan Qingsi a lesson. Once they reached the toilet, Ye Lingzhi’s expression changed drastically. “You’d better leave immediately, Yan Qingsi. Stay away from Luo Jinchuan. Don’t blame me if I have to be ruthless.”

Yan Qingsi said, “Hehe, I can have your daughter’s boyfriend eating out of my hand if that’s what I want.”

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