Chapter 203 - Not Only Does He Like Me, He Can’t Help but Love Me

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Chapter 203: Not Only Does He Like Me, He Can’t Help but Love Me

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Ye Lingzhi really wished she had a knife in her hand right then. Everyone could see through Yan Qingsi’s plan to get even with Yan Mingzhu. They all knew how important Luo Jinchuan was to Yan Mingzhu, and that little vixen Yan Qingsi was jabbing Yan Mingzhu’s weak spot.

Yan Mingzhu had virtually no means of retaliation against Yan Qingsi and was made to suffer continuous blows.

Ye Lingzhi truly regretted that her reputation prevented her from killing off Yan Qingsi back then. As a result, she ended up having to back off and let the little piece of garbage ride on her coattails.

Her face sported a fierce and sinister look as she threatened, “Yan Qingsi, I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to avenge the death of your mother. Hmph…if I was able to kill your mother then, I could easily kill you now. To me, you’ve always been that worthless daughter. Killing you is as easy as killing an ant.”

A menacing glimmer sparkled in Yan Qingsi’s eyes. She scoffed and walked over to the sink and took out her powder case.

“It would be a compliment to call yourself a feeble old lady. Has your brain completely turned into fat? The only reason you killed my mom that easily was because she was kind. I’m different. My kindness was eaten away long ago by all of you dogs. I dared to come back and challenge you because I’ve already made preparations. Did you lot really think that I was still that young, naive Yan Qingsi? Tsk tsk… just look at how stupid all of you look. You couldn’t even get me for three years and you’re here pretending like you’re a pack of wolves? I’ve got a backer now. Lay a hand on me, if you dare.”

Ye Lingzhi’s blood was boiling. “Would Yue Tingfeng even like a horny slut like you? Save your pretentious attempt at intimidation.”

Yan QIngsi nodded. “Sigh, you’ve got that right. Yue Tingfeng adores women like me. In fact, not only does he like me, he can’t help but love me. Did you think my path in the entertainment industry would have been so smooth if it weren’t for him?”

Ye Lingzhi shot Yan Qingsi a stare. “Yan Qingsi, what are you trying to do, exactly?”

She turned around and smiled at Ye Lingzhi. “Getting my revenge of course. I told you earlier, none of you will ever be at peace as long as I’m alive.”

Yan Qingsi smiled beautifully, but Ye Lingzhi could feel a chill coming over her body—starting from her feet.

Problems plagued their home for the past two months, and Ye Lingzhi had the feeling that Yan Qingsi had a hand in all that.

Yan Qingsi, that evil woman, was much harder to deal with than three years ago.

All of a sudden, Yan Qingsi asked, “Oh yes, where’s that darling son of yours? How could he have the heart to not attend? We haven’t seen each other in such a long time, and I believe he misses me a lot.”

If Luo Jinchuan was Yan Mingzhu’s weakness, then Yan Mingxiu was Ye Lingzhi’s soft spot.

Yan Mingxiu was still completely bedridden since the accident. He was more or less a dead body. It was a fragile scar in Ye Lingzhi. Her eyes widened and she howled, “You piece of sh*t. You’re not in a position to be talking about my son.”

“Woah, what a huge reaction. Why? Did something happen? Perhaps karma got to him. Is he… dead?”

“SHUT UP, YOU VILE WOMAN…” Ye Lingzhi lunged at her.

Yan Qingsi shifted her body sideways and just barely managed to dodge Ye Lingzhi. The latter, as a result of her failure to stop herself in time, lost her balance and hit her head on a sink. The knock was so loud and sharp that one could practically feel the pain just from hearing it.

With a shake of the head and a sigh, Yan Qingsi said, “Auntie, you have to be careful! You’re too old to be acting so recklessly!”

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