Chapter 204 - I’m Seducing Other Men Behind Your Back

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Chapter 204: I’m Seducing Other Men Behind Your Back

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Yan Qingsi took out a miniature refillable bottle of misting spray. Taking advantage of Ye Lingzhi’s disorientated frame of mind, Yan Qingsi began misting Ye Lingzhi’s face. “Your temper is on fire right now. Let me spray some water to cool you down… you don’t need to thank me.”

Ye Lingzhi’s nose picked up a fresh scent that resembled chamomile. She wanted to curse at Yan Qingsi, but her phone began buzzing all of a sudden.

Yan Qingsi pocketed the misting spray and smiled while saying, “Auntie, your phone is buzzing. Why don’t you take a look?”

Using the wall for support, Ye Lingzhi felt increasingly angry the longer she looked at Yan Qingsi. Her head began to hurt even more, and her heart was in such a state of disarray that she could practically go berserk at any time.

She clenched the part of her head that was throbbing in pain and lashed out, “Just wait, Yan Qingsi… and don’t you dare touch my daughter. Sooner or later, I’ll send you to join your worthless mother.”

Yan Qingsi shrugged her shoulders. “Then why not try and see what this b*tch is capable of?”

Ye Lingzhi’s phone was still buzzing. She took it out angrily and said, “Just wait…”

She slid her finger across the screen to unlock the phone and saw a couple of messages. Tapping to open them, she saw about five or six messages—all of them were pictures.

When she opened the first picture, her hand began to tremble. Her dizziness became more apparent and her expression turned exceedingly sullen. Her lips were quivering, and she could care less that Yan Qingsi was standing right in front of her. She opened the remaining messages and looked at each one of them.

Taking delight in Ye Lingzhi’s misfortune, Yan Qingsi’s said smugly, “Oh, did my daddy have an affair? Tsk tsk… it’s normal, I guess. My good daddy has been so patient with you for so many years. Look at how old and fat you are. You probably couldn’t satisfy him in bed anymore.”

“Shut up. Leave.”

Ye Lingzhi’s only thought was to kill Yan Qingsi. However, when she saw those pictures, she had an even stronger desire to kill the b*tch in the photograph. To think that Yan Songnan had an affair! If it were not for Ye Lingzhi, would Yan Songnan have everything that he had back then?

Yan Qingsi’s lips twitched and she said, “Tsk tsk. That’s so sad. Why are you getting all mad at me for? Unleash your temper on Yan Songnan and that little b*tch. Though I’m guessing Daddy would feel disgusted to even touch you. It’s normal for him to seek a younger girl. My oh my, this girl looks beautiful! Look at that necklace around her neck. It’s probably worth a few hundred thousand, right? Daddy’s willing to spend on that girl!”

Ye Lingzhi’s eyes were red. She pushed Yan Qingsi away and said, “F*ck off…”

She walked unsteadily and rushed out of the toilet feeling particularly wrathful.

Yan Qingsi chuckled coldly behind her. Having spent so much time to lay out her plan, the most exciting moment was about to come.

Taking out that little misting spray that was used earlier, she unscrewed the cap and poured out all its contents. She opened the tap and allowed the water to wash all the fluid down the drain. Then, she wiped the inside and used some tap water to flush everything out before drying it and placing it back into her bag.

The misting spray liquid was a stimulant capable of rapidly enhancing a person’s mental state. Only a mere whiff was needed. It had the effect of causing one to lose control over their emotions, causing them to easily become irritable and lose their temper.

In addition, Yan Qingsi’s deliberate provocation and incessant goading were done specifically to make Ye Lingzhi lose all reasoning, thereby inducing a crazed reaction.

Yan Qingsi tidied her hair and felt her phone ring in her pocket. Taking it out, she saw the caller was Yue Tingfeng. She picked up the call and said, “Hello.”

“Where are you?” Yue Tingfeng’s voice was somber.

Yan Qingsi stroked her hair and grinned wickedly, “I’m… seducing other men behind your back!”

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