Chapter 205 - I Specialize in Snatching Away My Big Sister’s Boyfriends

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Chapter 205: I Specialize in Snatching Away My Big Sister’s Boyfriends

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Yan Qingsi was in such a good mood that she could not resist provoking Yue Tingfeng too.

The line fell silent immediately, but even through the phone, Yan Qingsi could still feel the anger emanating from Yue Tingfeng’s end.

“Where are you now?” Yue Tingfeng’s voice was like a sharp knife. On his end, his hands clenched the phone so tightly he was nearly crushing the phone.

Yan Qingsi looked in the mirror and admired her own seductive smile. “I can’t tell you, of course! I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a one-night stand with my new man if I told you!”

Her mood became much better when she thought of how irate Yue Tingfeng must be.

Yue Tingfeng chuckled coldly. “Fine. Just you wait. You’d better pray that the man you’re with is powerful enough to be protecting you.”

Yan Qingsi cocked a brow. “Wait? Do you mean to wait for you to come? Why are you coming over? You want to have a threesome and watch me f*ck another man?”

“Hehe, I’m not going there to watch the two of you, I’m going there to kill and chop both of you into little pieces.”

“Sure, you can come if you manage to find the place. But it’ll probably be too late. A dark and windy night is the best time to be hooking up.”

She hung up immediately after finishing her sentence.

Flashing an alluring grin at the mirror, she said, “Time to watch some drama unfold.”

Yan Qingsi held her chin high and smiled before leaving. Since the entire plan was the product of her very own work, she was not about to miss the opportunity to watch it unfold.

She returned to the event and scanned the crowd. Yan Songnan and Ye Lingzhi were nowhere to be seen—they were surely in a corner somewhere arguing with one another. Yan Qingsi decided to let them argue amongst themselves for the moment to liven up the atmosphere between them.

Spotting Tang Yuyao from afar, Yan Qingsi nodded almost imperceptibly to gesture that she had done her part.

She then turned around and saw Luo Jinchuan, whose expression was eerily frigid. Beside him was the smiling and bashful Yan Mingzhu, who was conversing with Luo Jinchuan’s parents.

An evil grin crept across the corner of Yan Qingsi’s lip. ‘You want to marry into the Luo family, don’t you? I’ll make sure your wish isn’t fulfilled.

‘I’m such an evil person. I can’t possibly let you be happy and give you what you want, now can I, my dear big sis?’

Yan Qingsi walked gracefully over to Luo Jinchuan and hugged his left arm—after successfully rejecting the advances of a few men who tried hitting on her.

Luo Jinchuan stared at her in dread as he sensed that something was amiss.

His parents looked at Yan Qingsi and frowned. Yan Mingzhu’s face immediately went pale, her hands trembled too—she knew that Yan Qingsi would not let her off the hook.

Yan Mingzhu remarked at once, “Why are you here for? You’re not supposed to be here. Leave immediately.”

She wished she could just push Yan Qingsi away, but she was scared to do so in front of Luo Jinchuan’s parents.

Yan Qingsi smiled as sweetly as ever. “What do mean ‘leave’? Big Sis, you and I are on such good terms with each other. It’s only right that I come and meet your future father- and mother-in-law. Sooner or later, we’ll be one family.”

She turned around and faced the elder Luo couple. “You must be Luo Jinchuan’s parents. I’m Yan Qingsi, Yan Mingzhu’s younger sister. I believe my big sis has mentioned myself before?”

Mrs. Yue kept a poker face and ran her hands through her neat hair. A look of disdain flashed in her eyes as she said, “You’re Yan Qingsi, the selfish Yan family daughter who loves stealing other people’s men.”

An insult as direct as that had no effect on Yan Qingsi. Rather than feeling awkward, she smiled even more sweetly and nodded. “Exactly! From the third year of junior high up till university, my big sis has been in nineteen different relationships. I snatched away all of her boyfriends for myself.”

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