Chapter 206 - Counting My Sister’s 19 Boyfriends

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Chapter 206: Counting My Sister’s 19 Boyfriends

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Yan Qingsi’s words dropped like a bomb. The Luos’ facial expression changed immediately upon hearing what she had said. Luo Jinchuan’s face darkened straight away and he pulled his arm out from Yan Mingzhu’s.

19 boyfriends? What did this mean? The people who heard it must surely be judging her now. What a slut!

Yan Qingsi sneered in her heart, ‘I steal peoples’ men? Well, now I’ll let you know how many boyfriends I’ve stolen away.’

What? 19 boyfriends? How could she even remember? It was pure bullsh*t. Anyway, she had the Luos fully convinced that the number was real.

Yan Qingsi put her head on Luo Jinchuan’s arm and said, “You’re absolutely right! I am the legendary little sister who stole her older sister’s boyfriends.”

The blood drained from Yan Mingzhu’s face. She cried out, “Shut up, Yan Qingsi! When did I ever have 19 boyfriends? And I started dating in third grade? Stop defaming me! Mr. and Mrs. Luo, you shouldn’t listen to a word she says! She’s doing this on purpose! You have no idea how wicked she is. She has never stopped slandering and hurling mud at me since she was young! Please don’t believe her!”

She shouted herself hoarse, tears welling up in her eyes. Looking at how desperate she was to prove her innocence; it did not seem as if she was lying. This put Mr. and Mrs. Luo slightly at ease.

“Are you sure? Why do I remember you going to a motel outside the school with a boy from the class next door in third grade? The teacher found out about it and our parents were called to school. I remember this clearly because I was the one who ratted you out to the teacher!” Yan Qingsi added.

Yan Qingsi finished her sentence with a wink towards Yan Mingzhu.

The unpleasant past mentioned, and the truth revealed, Yan Mingzhu’s body tensed up and quivered. “So, it was you…”

Yan Qingsi shrugged. “Who else did you think it was? Oh, and you lived with a basketball player during your sophomore year. His parents even went to your rental house in a bid to drive you away. Am I wrong? You have to thank me for this too. It was me who took a picture of the two of you living together and sent it to his parents. I did it for your own good. High school education is so important, how could you go around dating?”

All those things that happened back then were plotted by Yan Qingsi, and with so much provocation in one night, Yan Mingzhu’s emotions entered a highly sensitive state, just like gunpowder, the slightest friction could make it combust. Without her parents by her side calming her down, she burst out and shrieked, “Yan Qingsi, I will kill you…”

Luo Jinchuan put out his arm out to stop Yan Mingzhu. “What else?”

“Oh yeah! I was the one who donated blood to my sister when she had severe bleeding during her miscarriage. Mingzhu, you can deny the other incidents but not this one, right?” Yan Qingsi continued with an innocent face.

Yan Mingzhu lost her mind and shrieked, “Bullsh*t! Everything you’ve said is nothing but nonsense…”

Yan Qingsi pouted. “Nonsense? But I have the diagnosis report from the hospital for that incident!”

Yan Qingsi really came prepared with a diagnosis report. It was indeed from many years ago and it clearly stated ‘Patient: Yan Mingzhu, massive bleeding due to accidental miscarriage.’

Mr. and Mrs. Luo’s face turned grim with the report in their hands. Yan Qingsi said kindly, “Sis, in this modern era, it’s very common to date a few men! I’m sure your future in-laws won’t mind at all since they like you so much.”

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