Chapter 207 - Don’t Worry Sis, I Will Take Care of Your Boyfriend

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Chapter 207: Don’t Worry Sis, I Will Take Care of Your Boyfriend

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Yan Mingzhu wailed, “Mrs. Luo, she’s slandering me! I’m truly innocent. I didn’t… I really didn’t do the things she said…”

Yan Mingzhu was in complete despair. She did not know what to say, she could only cry out her and plead her innocence. She knew in her heart that a wealthy family would not only want a girl with a good background—they would also look at the girl’s character. If they believed what Yan Qingsi had said, she would never marry into the Luo family.

Regardless of what Yan Mingzhu said now, with the diagnosis report and Yan Qingsi’s statements, Mr. and Mrs. Luo would never trust her again.

Mrs. Luo looked at the diagnosis report, her angry frown nearly making her makeup crack. Initially, she liked Yan Mingzhu because she came from a good family and knew how to please her. Even going as far as to stop her son when he wanted to break up with Yan Mingzhu.

This diagnosis report was a huge slap to her old face. She thought that at the very least Yan Mingzhu would be a well-behaved lady even if she did not come from a noble family. Mrs. Luo did not expect her to be a total whore, living such a scandalous life.

Mr. Luo’s face darkened, and he criticized Luo Jinchuan, “Look at what you’ve done! This scandalous woman almost became a part of our family! Take care of it now! Don’t ever let me see her again!”

Luo Jinchuan sneered, “I wanted to break up with her, but you were the one who stopped me.”

Upon hearing of Yan Mingzhu’s glorious past, Luo Jinchuan felt nothing but disgust. On the flip side, he was relieved that he could finally be rid of this woman.

It was just that when he thought that he had dated Yan Mingzhu for three years, and he was her 20th boyfriend, or something even worse than that, he felt repulsed. The woman was filthy in his eyes.

Yan Qingsi looked at them as if they had sh*t in their mouth and felt that she had finally avenged herself.

Yan Mingzhu was the easiest to attack in the entire Yan family. By luring the old Yan folks away, no one else could back Yan Mingzhu up and this created a golden opportunity to crush her.

To deal with the Yan family, she would not just rush into battle recklessly, she had to destroy each of them to win.

Yan Mingzhu pulled Luo Jinchuan’s sleeve and pleaded, “Jinchuan, Jinchuan, don’t… please don’t… I did date some guys back then but there weren’t as many as Yan Qingsi says. Don’t you know what kind of person she is? She is a liar! She is taking revenge on me! Jinchuan, I love you… I truly love you. Please forgive me, please, I beg you…”

Yan Qingsi smiled sweetly. She had never seen Yan Mingzhu swallow her pride and beg like this before. How exhilarating!

Luo Jinchuan unrelentingly pulled his sleeve away and called for his two security guards. “Miss Yan is unwell. Send her to the hospital immediately.” In truth, he just wanted her gone as quickly as possible.

He had felt disgusted toward Yan Mingzhu for a long time.

Yan Mingzhu’s eye makeup was ruined by her tears. They mixed with her mascara and eyeliner, trickling down her face. She looked delirious and pathetic.

“Jinchuan… Jinchuan…” she called out.

The two security guards dragged Yan Mingzhu away toward the exit. She turned her head and shouted, “Yan Qingsi, you b*tch! I won’t let you off the hook…”

Yan Qingsi waved to her, “Don’t worry sis. I’ll take care of your boyfriend on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about him.”

Yan Mingzhu, you adore Luo Jinchuan? I will make him hate you.

You wish to marry into the Luo family? I will not let that happen.

You relish the wealth of the Yan family, and I will make the Yans go bankrupt.

Your life had been bright and beautiful for more than 20 years, it must end now. You will have to slowly enjoy the rest of the darkness, a lot more awaits you.

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