Chapter 208 - Stop Acting so Righteous When You Wanted to Sleep With Me

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Chapter 208: Stop Acting so Righteous When You Wanted to Sleep With Me

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The commotion had attracted the stares of the people around them, and Mr. and Mrs. Luo’s faces darkened. At that point, it felt like the banquet had already been ruined. They could only hope that nothing else would happen later.

Mr. Luo stared sinisterly at Yan Qingsi who had turned to greet the guests, and Mrs. Luo itched to tear her apart.

Yan Qingsi reached for the medical report in Mrs. Luo’s hands, saying “Since you’ve finished reading it, you can give it back to me.”

“You are not welcomed at the Luo family’s banquet. Please leave immediately.”

“How could you burn your bridges after crossing it, Mrs. Luo? I’ve told you all this and even sacrificed my sister. Shouldn’t you thank me? If it wasn’t for me, your son would’ve been a victim of this slut. Don’t you know?”

Luo Jinchuan frowned.

Mrs. Luo put on a high and mighty act, scorning, “I know what plans you’re hatching. A woman like you, entering the Luo family? I won’t agree to Jinchuan getting together with you. Our Luo family can’t bear to be embarrassed like this.”

Yan Qingsi giggled. “Hehe…how funny. Your son just likes a woman like me, so what are you going to do about it? Say, why don’t I try harder. Let your son fall in love with me and then…you’ll be so mad!”

Mrs. Luo’s face turned a deep shade of red, and Luo Jinchuan said coldly, “Don’t say anything anymore.”

Yan Qingsi glanced at him, sneering, “Why are you acting so honorable and righteous in front of your mother. Have you not thought of sleeping with me? If you didn’t have this idea, pretend I didn’t say anything. In the future, keep your distance from me.”

With Yan Mingzhu taken care of, Yan Qingsi’s attitude towards Luo Jinchuan was different now.

Letting Luo Jinchuan off the hook, Yan Qingsi moved on to speak to Mrs. Luo, who was breathing heavily. “Be more courteous to me, Mrs. Luo, or I’ll show you what I can do and let you experience how I will seduce your son yourself.”

“You…you…” Mrs. Luo panted.

Mrs. Luo was such a low-level threat that Yan Qingsi was too lazy to deal with her. She waved her hand and strolled into the crowd.

The Luo family banquet had been properly wrecked.

Luo Jinchuan watched Yan Qingsi’s figure leaving and wanted to chase after her, but Mrs. Luo grabbed him and said, “Stay away from that kind of woman. Even if you’re just toying with her, you’re already lowering your status.”

Luo Jinchuan controlled his anger, “Mom…”

“Don’t say anything else. Think about how you’re going to appease your father first, or his illegitimate children will come and dispute over our family property.”

Luo Jinchuan gritted his teeth and left to look for his father.

Yan Qingsi walked around and found the Yan folks arguing while hiding in a corner.

“Yan Songnan, without me, without the Ye family, would you have today? When you killed Nie Qiuqi, if it wasn’t for my dad, you would’ve been caught and shot by the police. How dare you to seek a mistress behind my back? Do you even have a conscience?”

“Can you be more reasonable?” Yan Songnan retorted. “These are clearly fabrications made to frame me. This is the Luo family’s banquet, and I want to discuss with Mr. Luo about his investment. What else do you want from me?”

“If you have anything to say, we’ll talk when we go back,” Yan Songnan remarked.

The name ‘Nie Qiuqi’ was Yan Qingsi’s trigger word. Regardless of the number of years that had passed, even if she thought that her heart had long since been hardened, the name still made her heart ache and made it hard for her to breathe.

It was her mother’s name—that soft and kind-hearted woman had sacrificed herself for Yan Qingsi to live.

A murderous expression flashed across Yan Qingsi’s face. The hand that held her bag formed into a fist, this revenge… How could she not exact it?

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