Chapter 209 - What Man on Earth Would Want to Touch a Woman Like You

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Chapter 209: What Man on Earth Would Want to Touch a Woman Like You

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Ye Lingzhi was furious. “Framed? You touched her chest and you still claimed that you’re being framed? Do you think I’m blind? The situation is already chaotic enough, and yet you spent a few million on that whore’s jewelry! Yan Songnan, did you transfer all the company funds to that whore? Tell me who that whore is? Where is she? Tell me!”

Ye Lingzhi clearly could not keep her temper under control anymore. She beat Yan Songnan madly like an insane woman.

“Enough, you lunatic of a woman!” Yan Songnan finally had enough and pushed Ye Lingzhi to the ground.

“You pushed me? How dare you hit me… Do you really think that the Ye family can be easily bullied? How dare you push me for a whore!”

“Ye Lingzhi, can you use a little bit of your brain? Mingzhu is still out there and you are making trouble for me. If Qingsi does something to Mingzhu, who’s going to help her?”

When Yan Songnan mentioned Yan Mingzhu, it finally calmed Ye Lingzhi down a bit.

“I will put this on hold for Mingzhu for the time being. Yan Songnan, no matter what, you have to give me an explanation for this matter.”

Yan Songnan dragged the angry Ye Lingzhi out, and Yan Qingsi quickly left the scene.

Ye Lingzhi melted into the crowd again. Yan Qingsi gave Tang Yuyao a look, walked over to Ye Lingzhi and hooked her arm around the Ye Lingzhi’s. “Aunt Lingzhi, where have you been?” she asked affectionately.

Ye Lingzhi felt anxious when she could not find Yan Mingzhu anywhere. She was already on the verge of going mad. She did not have the mood to act along with Yan Qingsi, she just wanted to skin her alive. “Get lost…”

“Why are you so furious? It was only an affair. No man in this world doesn’t cheat, let alone…” Yan Qingsi said it with a smile on her face.

Yan Qingsi squinted at Ye Lingzhi and said, “Let alone if that’s how you look now. If my dad doesn’t cheat, it’ll mean something’s wrong with him. What kind of man is willing to touch your old and saggy body? Ha ha… even if my dad sleeps with you, it’s just going to end in one second.”

Her words were bitter and sharp, mean and vicious, like needles piercing through Ye Lingzhi’s eardrums, further pushing her already strained nerves towards the edge.

Ye Lingzhi finally could not hold it in any longer. She pushed Yan Qingsi away with force and yelled, “B*tch, f*ck off!”

Yan Qingsi took advantage of the opportunity to step back two steps, then inadvertently—or so it seems—bump into the person behind her, and knocked over the wine glass that the person held in her hand.

The wine wetted Yan Qingsi’s back. The person who was bumped into quickly steadied herself and apologized, “Sorry, I wetted your clothes. I’m so sorry. Let me wipe it for you?”

The people around them had been attracted by Ye Lingzhi’s scream.

Yan Qingsi swept her hair and smiled charmingly. “Not a problem. I’m the one who collided into you.”

Yan Qingsi lifted her head and her eyes met Tang Yuyao’s. Her body was already trembling.

Yan Qingsi winked at her. The show was about to start.

Tang Yuyao smiled at Yan Qingsi, seeming ready to turn away, but Yan Qingsi reached out and stopped her, “Wait, miss, you look familiar to me!”

Tang Yuyao smiled and said, “But, I don’t know you.”

All of sudden, Yan Qingsi extended her hand to Tang Yuyao’s neck.

Tang Yuyao pretended to look shocked. “What are you doing?”

Yan Qingsi pinched the sapphire necklace on her neck and said, “Nothing… I just thought that this necklace looks really nice and it’s worth a few million, right? Your husband must have bought it for you, how generous of him!”

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