Chapter 213 - How Dare You Come near My People

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Chapter 213: How Dare You Come near My People

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Yan Qingsi had a flashback to three years ago—how she was caught in bed by Yan Ruke and embarrassed in front of the police and reporters. To be honest, that was the most humiliating moment of her life. She had to shamelessly force her way out of there.

Yan Qingsi knew that if Yue Tingfeng was not there with her, she could not have made it through the hellfire that day. That man had been by her side for years.

Yan Qingsi watched as Yue Tingfeng approached Mr. Luo. He did not pay attention to her. His eyes were on Mr. Luo, and his gaze was so sharp that it immediately suppressed Mr. Luo’s threatening aura.

Whenever this man went crazy, no one could fight him—he had it in him to overcome everything.

The faces of the Luo’s darkened when they saw Yue Tingfeng, especially Luo Jinchuan, who then stared at Yan Qingsi with a complicated expression.

While Yan Qingsi was spacing out, she was pulled into a warm and strong embrace. Yan Qingsi looked up to find Yue Tingfeng’s beautiful jawline and his cold stare. He sneered through his thin lips—that smile was exceptionally threatening.

Leng Ran was pushed aside and took a while to stabilize himself. He scratched his head a little before deciding to stay where he was.

Mr. Luo understood the situation instantly. It was no wonder that Yan Qingsi had this much arrogance and guts in her—she was backed by Yue Tingfeng. She was Yue Tingfeng’s woman.

Mr. Luo quietly regretted his gameplan. Although the Luo family had a reputation in Luo City, they were nowhere near the Yue family.

Mr. Luo’s expression immediately turned into a warm smile. “I didn’t expect the nephew to make it. This is such a surprise.”

Mr. Luo knew his way around socializing. He instantly turned Yue Tingfeng’s motive here into attending the Luo family’s party.

By calling him his nephew, he wanted to remind Yue Tingfeng that he was the elder. The Luo family softened their stance in order to let Yue Tingfeng give them a chance and not embarrass the Luo family too much.

Logically speaking, normal people in such situations would have thought that there would always be a chance where they eventually do business with one another. If he gave in, it would usually be better to solve the disagreement amicably and possible for Yue Tingfeng to adhere to his intentions. However, Yue Tingfeng was not one to follow logic.

Yue Tingfeng might as well have destroyed the plan Mr. Luo had for the situation. “Chairman Luo, you were pretty stern just moments before this. How dare you come near my people?”

He addressed Mr. Luo as Chairman Luo while he was addressed as a nephew himself. It was evident that he was telling Mr. Luo to save the act.

The crowd started chattering. Mr. Luo started getting cold sweats on his forehead. Everyone had said that Yue Tingfeng was arrogant but Mr. Luo only knew how crazy he was today.

Luo Jinchuan could not bear watching his own father being put on the spot. “Master Yue, it was just a misunderstanding. My father had no intention to trouble… Miss Yan…”

Luo Jinchuan was about to say ‘Qingsi’, but he saw the coldness in Yue Tingfeng’s gaze and forced himself to change his words to “Miss Yan”.

Mr. Luo said, “Yes, yes, it was a misunderstanding. Young people are always full of energy, and there was just a small disagreement. It was me who misunderstood Miss Yan.”

Yan Qingsi’s waist was hugged so tightly by Yue Tingfeng that she felt like she could snap in half.

Yan Qingsi breathed in and said with a smile, “How could it be a misunderstanding? Didn’t Mr. Luo say that you wanted my company to issue a public apology to the Luo family? Since my boss is here, Mr. Luo, if you have any other demands, you can just say it. My boss is a very accommodating person.”

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