Chapter 214 - You're Not Qualified to Come near My People

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Chapter 214: You’re Not Qualified to Come near My People

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Yan Qingsi’s statement shocked the Luo family. All of them turned their heads towards Yue Tingfeng.

Could it be that her boss was…

When everyone realized that Yan Qingsi’s boss was Yue Tingfeng, they all feared the use of the word accommodating!

Everyone laughed in their hearts—it was the lamest joke of the night.

Yue Tingfeng pinched Yan Qingsi on her waist. “Yan Qingsi is an artist under the Yue company. If Chairman Luo wants any form of compensation or apology, please don’t put my people on the spot—speak to me directly. Let me listen to any of your demands.”

He was not planning on agreeing to any of it anyway.

Yue Tingfeng said so, but everyone could hear the threat behind his words.

Mr. Luo might as well have been slapped by Yue Tingfeng in front of everybody. He was angry to the core.

However, he knew that if he did not hold back his anger, Yue Tingfeng could easily do something and cause the Luo family losses.

Mr. Luo had to hold it in and not take any risk. He knew the importance of going where the wind blows. He bowed before Yan Qingsi and said, “Sorry, my apologies, it was just a misunderstanding. I represent myself and the Luo family and formally apologize to Miss Yan. Hopefully, Miss Yan will not be calculative with an old man like me.”

Although Mr. Luo’s words stressed on his age, his apology seemed sincere, and he was modest about it too.

Yan Qingsi did not expect Mr. Luo to give in so quickly. Her attitude and feelings toward Mr. Luo immediately changed.

It seemed like Mr. Luo chose to give in as he could not stand being threatened by Yue Tingfeng. The Luo family was embarrassed too. However, Mr. Luo’s actions showed that he was not a simple man to deal with—to be able to weigh the pros and cons in such a short time and find the best way to defend himself, but he did it anyway despite being potentially laughed at. Mr. Luo was not a simple man, and not many people could do what he did.

Yue Tingfeng sneered. He thought to himself, ‘This old man actually gave in.’

He had to keep his planned moves to himself.

Mr. Luo had already given in. If he continued threatening them, it would make the Yue family seem like a bully.

Yue Tingfeng was not dumb. He lifted the corner of his thin lips—he could let them go today and cause losses to their family business tomorrow.

Yue Tingfeng smiled sarcastically and said, “How could Chairman Luo be old? Your youngest son is only five years old, which goes to show that your capabilities are still intact. I should be the one congratulating Chairman Luo for having a descendant.”

Luo Jinchuan and Mrs. Luo’s expressions darkened as laughter broke out in the crowd.

Yan Qingsi glanced at Luo Jinchuan and said, “I always thought the Luo family only had one son, who knew that there was a little one hidden? Tsk, it’s not easy to get a son at your age. Why don’t you introduce him to everyone?”

The duo’s back-to-back statements made Mr. Luo blush in embarrassment. He said through gritted teeth, “Chief Yue is so good at making jokes. The Luo family is at fault for today’s incident, we will come over and apologize soon.”

Yue Tingfeng lifted his brow and said arrogantly, “We don’t need the apology. I just hope that Chairman Luo will remember this—you’re not qualified to come near my people.”

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