Chapter 219 - I’m Your First Man

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Chapter 219: I’m Your First Man

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Yan Qingsi shut herself up and stopped struggling. Now that Yue Tingfeng had already said so, she had no rebuttals.

It was just that Yan Qingsi felt uncomfortable with giving it to him tonight.

Yue Tingfeng saw Yan Qingsi had given up struggling and had a sinister smile on his face. He stopped rushing too – he unbuttoned his shirt slowly and said, “You gave up? You’re not talking anymore? You’re planning to give in already.”

Yan Qingsi laughed. “What did you expect? Make me lay here and say ‘Prince Yue, welcome’?”

Yue Tingfeng became aggressive again. He tore his shirt apart, and the buttons popped out and fell all over the floor. Yue Tingfeng pinned her down – his smile was enchanting, and he pinched Yan Qingsi on her chin while saying, “I like that. Since you’re so eager, I shall grant you your wish.”

“I…” Yan Qingsi said.

Yan Qingsi truly felt like she was like nothing in terms of being a vile person in comparison to Yue Tingfeng. Was this truly how vile one could get?

Yue Tingfeng kissed Yan Qingsi on her collarbone which was beautiful and sexy. His breathing was heavy – the urge to do it was on the brink of exploding after he held back for days.

Yue Tingfeng reached for Yan Qingsi’s lingerie and tore it off. Yan Qingsi said, “You’ve said before that I’m like a dead fish. How do you find that appealing?”

Yan Qingsi was calm. Yue Tingfeng’s lips were hot, and her body was shivering – but it was not enough to affect her logic.

Yue Tingfeng looked up. His wide eyes looked a little red – it was as if they were out for blood. Yue Tingfeng stripped the lingerie off Yan Qingsi completely and said, “Hmph, I would still do you right now if you were a can of herring, let alone a dead fish.”

Yan Qingsi was speechless. Herring cans were known to be a major turn-off – but he was not deterred at all. If his taste was this peculiar, she had no more rebuttals to it.

You’re shameless, you have all the reasons, you’re vile, you’re good.

Yue Tingfeng was on top of Yan Qingsi. He kissed her along her collarbone and stopped on her chest. Yan Qingsi’s body shivered. “Did you think about how you’re doing this without my consent and raping me? I will come back for revenge, I’m big on that.”

Yue Tingfeng said in his raspy voice, “Go for it. I’m not afraid of letting you get your revenge, I’m just worried that you wouldn’t keep your word.”

Yue Tingfeng split Yan Qingsi’s legs with his knee and grazed her flat and toned abs with his right hand. His finger hooked onto the edge of her underwear and dragged it down – Yan Qingsi felt a breeze in her lower body.

Yue Tingfeng looked up, and his bloodshot eyes were staring straight into Yan Qingsi’s eyes. “Yan Qingsi, it’s been three years. I’m your first man, and I’ll be your last.

Yan Qingsi could not help but feel like laughing at that statement.

“Don’t be so conclusive. The first one was you, but the last one… who knows? A woman like me will never have a lack of male attention, did you know that.”

Last man? Haha…

Who knew how long could she last with Yue Tingfeng? What kind of relationship are they having? Nothing… To say that he would be the last man was laughable.

Yue Tingfeng clenched his jaw. “I think it’s best for you to shut up now.”

Yue Tingfeng was about to do it for real. He realized that he had not taken off his pants – he cursed himself before reaching to unbuckle his belt.

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