Chapter 22 - I Remember That Scent! 3

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Chapter 22: I Remember That Scent! 3

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She swiftly took a step back. “I couldn’t possibly tell you what he owes me, now could I? Even if I told you, would you be able to repay me on his behalf?”

Wu Fang’s was intrigued. “Well…that depends on what it is. Try me. For example…”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “For example, sleeping with someone, then putting on your pants and disappearing quietly the next day? I don’t really care if the son-of-a-b*tch doesn’t pay for the room, but he even took away my cell phone. Are you able to manage this kind of debt?”

Those words…contained too much lurid information. Wu Fang found everything hard to stomach and realizing that it…was not an easy debt to manage indeed.

Wu Fang rubbed his nose and asked, “Are you sure it’s our CEO Yue?”

“If he’s not the b*stard I’m looking for, who could it be then? You?”

Wu Fang looked at Yan Qingsi from head to toe. ‘Brave maiden, this one. But I’m really curious about what she said. Is Yue Tingfeng short on money? That he’d sleep with someone without footing the bill, and even steal their phone?’

He muttered apprehensively, “Well, I’m not that much of a b*stard…”

The bare minimum that he would do was pay for the room—if not in full, then at least in part—when he hooked up with a lady friend.

Wu Fang spotted someone and shouted, “Special Assistant Jiang…this lady’s looking for CEO Yue.”

Jiang Lai caught sight of Yan Qingsi the second he went out of the elevator. Try as he may, his attempt to hide from her failed as his own colleague ratted him out.

With no other choice but to stop and turn around, his eyes met with Yan Qingsi’s ink-like pupils.

Yan Qingsi made a come-hither movement toward Jiang Lai. Her fair and delicate fingers coupled with her red-painted nails were so alluring that they could enchant anyone’s soul.

Jiang Lai sighed and walked over. “Miss Qingsi, it’s been a while.”

A numb scalp characterized every interaction he had with her, though it was more out of fear than loathing.

Yan Qingsi smiled, “Not bad. You still remember me even though it’s been three years since we last met. Seems like I still have a place…in your heart. Bring me to Yue Tingfeng.”

Her expression suggested that he was in a bit of a pickle. “CEO Yue’s in a meeting. How about another day…”

A change of date was scarcely in her plans. “What does his meeting have to do with me? I want to see him.”

As much as Jiang Lai wanted to put on a poker face, it was not something he could readily do in front of Yan Qingsi. “You… Please don’t put this burden on me…”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Sure, sure. I won’t burden you. Just send a message to him. This sl*t isn’t someone he can just sleep with as he pleases. He even f*cking stole my phone. His wealthiness must’ve made him go nuts…”

Jiang Lai ears were thoroughly red, for he was being rebuked so severely inside the confines of the company that he worked for. Although the castigation was not directed at him, he still felt its humiliating effects.

“In that case…I’ll make a call.”

Jiang Lai picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Hey, CEO Yue…”

Barely three words were spoken and his hand was empty, the phone having been snatched away by Yan Qingsi.

She placed it to her ear and said sarcastically, “Did you sleep well last night, Uncle? You disappeared as soon as the sun got up. Were you really that worried that I’ll ask you to pay for the room? In the three years since we last met, don’t you think that my body is still as sexy as ever? Is your mouth sore from biting me the whole night? Do you want me to give you a kiss?”

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