Chapter 220 - This Happens When I've Already Taken off My Pants

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Chapter 220: This Happens When I’ve Already Taken off My Pants

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After taking off everything that was in the way, Yue Tingfeng rushed to get on top of her again.

Yan Qingsi shut her eyes. Forget it, since it was impossible to avoid this, this was going to happen anytime soon. Why fight it? Let it happen then.

Besides, they had seen each other naked before anyway. They did so three years ago.

Yan Qingsi already gave in – but at this moment, “Duang Duang!”, someone knocked on the door.

Madam Yue’s voice could be heard from outside the door. “Son, Tingfeng, open the door, mom made you your favorite dishes. I have already reheated them for you, come out and have some.”

Yue Tingfeng was ready with everything but was interrupted by this voice.

His expression at the time was so brilliant that Yan Qingsi could not think of any adjectives for it.

Yue Tingfeng’s expression was scarily dark. He had already taken off his pants, what was his mother doing here?

Was it to ruin the fun for her son?

After hearing Madam Yue’s voice, Yan Qingsi’s eyes lit up. She jumped up and said, “Come, this is my chance to show your mom how shameless her son is.”

Yue Tingfeng coldly pushed her back into the bed. “I’ve already said that if I don’t get to do you tonight, I will take your surname. Lay down properly.”

Yan Qingsi laughed. “What about your mother?”

Yue Tingfeng shouted, “Mom, I’m busy.”

Madam Yue replied, “Son, you’ve already been busy the whole day. I made these dishes especially for you, can’t you come out and have some? It’s already been a few days since you had my cooking, you’re already losing weight from it – it hurts mom to see you like this.”

Yan Qingsi smiled brightly. She reached for Yue Tingfeng’s face sarcastically and mimicked Madam Yue’s voice saying, “Good boy, go have your meal, you’re skinny now – it hurts mom to see you like this.”

Madam Yue was adamant at seeing who the woman was in the room. If it was not that little tramp, it would be fine, but if it was – she could not let them do it.

“Son, you’re getting ruder towards me as you grow older, I’m so sad…”

After finishing her sentence, Madam Yue sobbed.

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “Tsk tsk…listen to how much Aunty loves you. You’re so mean towards her, you’re hurting her.”

Yue Tingfeng was annoyed. Were these women here to mess up his day?

After getting interrupted by Madam Yue, Yue Tingfeng’s urges were pretty much gone.

He clenched his teeth and climbed out of bed. “You wait here, after having supper, I’ll do you.”

Yan Qingsi looked at him flirtatiously. “Sure, I’ll wait for you.” Yeah right, waiting for you to take my surname.

Yue Tingfeng got dressed and opened the door. “Mom, stop pretending, you think you could really cry on spot after watching a few soap operas?”

Madam Yue put down her hand in embarrassment. “Well even if I didn’t cry, I meant what I said.”

Madam Yue peeked into the room.

Yue Tingfeng blocked her and said, “Mom, what are you looking at?”

Yan Qingsi popped out from behind Yue Tingfeng. “Of course she was looking for a little tramp like me!”

“Aunty, good day to you, you have become prettier after just a few days.”

Madam Yue touched her face, cleared her throat, and said, “Don’t bother trying to impress me. No matter how you seduce my son, I will never let you into the Yue family.”

Yan Qingsi winked at her. “Aren’t I already inside? On top of that, I had just finished my business with your baby!”

Rich Man Yue, “Having a mother who professionally screwed her son over for 30 years, I have no more say in anything. Please call me Yan Tingfeng in the future, thank you!”

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