Chapter 221 - : Your Son Is So Enthralled With Me

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Chapter 221: Your Son Is So Enthralled With Me

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Mrs. Yue was enraged, but at the same time embarrassed, interrupting her son making love was not what a mother was supposed to do. Nevertheless, she still came to have a look because she was worried it would be Yan Qingsi, and it really was that little slut.

“Bullsh*t, you just came back, you can’t be that fast,” Mrs. Yue shot back, glaring at Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi reached out and rested an arm on Yue Tingfeng’s shoulder. “Why can’t we? Your son has always been a very fast finisher.”

Yue Tingfeng’s already annoyed face, darkened even further when he heard that. She was saying that he was a fast finisher…”Fast my foot, I haven’t even f*cked you yet, what are you talking about?” Yue Tingfeng thought.

Turning over to look at her, things got even worse.

Yan Qingsi had put on one of Yue Tingfeng’s oversized T-shirts; god knows where she got them from.

That oversized T-shirt made her look tiny and vulnerable. She leaned slightly forward, just enough for him to look into the collar of her T-shirt; straight into a clear view of her fair and slender legs, like the willow branches of early spring. It looked very tasty.

That reignited the lust in Yue Tingfeng, Mrs. Yue had so promptly put out just now.

“Who did you say was fast just now?” Yue Tingfeng hissed through gritted teeth.

“Why you, of course. Was I wrong about that?” Yan Qingsi teased, twirling her hair playfully.

Mrs. Yue looked extremely shocked, what if…

Yan Qingsi skirted past Yue Tingfeng. “Aunty, didn’t you say you prepared a sumptuous meal, let’s go have some of it.”

Mrs. Yue quickly came back to her senses, snapping, “I made it for my son, not you.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, it’s the same,” Yan Qingsi quipped, pulling Mrs. Yue’s arm to urge her to go downstairs.

Mrs. Yue pulled her arm away. “Don’t you dare touch me, I feel disgusted just looking at a little slut like you.”

Yan Qingsi smiled coyly, purring, “Well that’s unfortunate, you’ll be seeing me around quite regularly from now on. Look at your son, he’s so enthralled by me, I’m afraid I’ll have to visit more often. You really have to start preparing more antidotes for your son.”

Mrs. Yue was so angry she was at a lost for words.

Every time she met Yan Qingsi, she would always be at a lost for words. Her son was right, Yan Qingsi is really something, that little slut. The problem is, her son was not even helping her.

Looking at the two women arguing along their way downstairs, his face darkened even further.

Slumping to the door, he thought to himself, “What was I thinking? Going to a motel outside would have been better than bringing her home!”

His head was throbbing in pain.

Looking down at his little member, he said, “Poor you, don’t worry, we’ll succeed soon enough.”

Gritting his teeth, he turned into the bathroom.

Downstairs, Yan Qingsi was enjoying Mrs. Yue’s grilled steak while verbally sparring with her.

She actually liked talking to Mrs. Yue, she was a kind and simple woman.

Describing a 50-something-year-old lady with just two words might not sound appropriate, but Mrs. Yue was indeed just that.

It was true that she hated Yan Qingsi, but which mother would not hate a vixen like her. Even more so when this little vixen has decided to hook up with her son. However, inside, she was a kind lady, there was not a whiff of arrogance or coldness that wealthy people usually display. She would hate someone, but would never belittle them. That was vastly different from a woman like Ye Lingzhi.

It was very rare for a wealthy family like the Yues to have a lady like her.

An old lady like her who is actually very adorable.

Yan Qingsi was envious of Yue Tingfeng for having such a good mother.

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