Chapter 222 - Don’t Be Shy, Mr. Yue

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Chapter 222: Don’t Be Shy, Mr. Yue

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Mrs. Yue watched as Yan Qingsi munched on her steak relentlessly, not even stopping for a breather. In just a short while, she had already devoured half of the plate, leaving only little bones in her wake. “How long has this little slut not eaten?” Mrs. Yue thought.

Ask anyone who cooks, and the best thing that could happen is to see people thoroughly enjoy their cooking. It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Mrs. Yue gloated to herself, thinking, “Just look at how good my cooking is, this little slut just can’t get enough of it.”

Feigning a look of disgust, Mrs. Yue asked, “Don’t actresses like you need to follow a strict diet to keep your body in shape? Aren’t you afraid of losing your job if you eat like that?”

Yan Qingsi battered her eyelids at Mrs. Yue, replying, “Don’t worry aunty, I don’t get fat no matter how much I eat. Moreover…with your son around, I’ll never be out of job.”

“Save it, there isn’t anyone who can’t get fat in this world,” Mrs. Yue shot back, annoyed.

Spitting out a piece of bone, Yan Qingsi continued, “Well I don’t, my stomach is damaged beyond repair so I can’t absorb any nutrients. Naturally, I can’t get fat at all.”

Mrs. Yue was stunned silent for a second. After a while, she waved for Aunt Wu to come over.

In a moment, Aunt Wu served up a bowl of piping hot Red Dates Lotus Seed Porridge [1], the fragrance of lotus seed wafting into Yan Qingsi’s nose.

This time, it was Yan Qingsi’s turn to be stunned by this bowl of gut-healthy porridge. She felt her eyes starting to get wet.

However, she still tried to fake nonchalantly by asking, “Oh aunty, you’re treating me so well. Are you expecting me to let your son go just because of this bowl of soup?”

Mrs. Yue snorted. “These are all leftovers, I just think it would be a waste to throw them away like that. What do you know about being thrifty anyway? You thought I was worried about you? I’d have to like you first for that to happen.”

With that, she left the room in a huff, her pride in herself was comparable to Yue Tingfeng.

Seeing Yue Tingfeng coming down, Mrs. Yue rushed to her son. Yue Tingfeng just had a bath, and it was evident from his cool skin. Mrs. Yue started to nag, “Oh son, why is your body so cold? Did you take a bath with cold water?”

“All thanks to you,” Yue Tingfeng replied coldly.

“Oh…Uhh…Well, go get something to eat then.” Mrs. Yue said awkwardly, then quickly hurried off to the living room. She was afraid Yue Tingfeng would go berserk again.

Yue Tingfeng sat down opposite of Yan Qingsi, and nudged her under the table with his legs.

“What’s the matter? Are you here to discuss when you’re going to change your surname?” Yan Qingsi did not even lift her head up from the bowl.

That was enough to render him speechless.

A deal was a deal, it was regrettable, but he was not about to go back on his words. Why did he have to be so stupid that day?

Every time he was with Yan Qingsi, his logic and intelligence ended up out of the window.

Yue Tingfeng picked up a piece of steak and chomped down hard on it, his eyes glaring at Yan Qingsi; it was like he was biting down on her flesh.

Yan Qingsi reached out to caress his face, teasing him, “Aww, don’t be shy, that day will come.”

Yue Tingfeng crushed a piece of bone with his teeth, hissing, “Yes, the day I f*ck you to death, it will come.”

“Tingfeng…Son…” Mrs. Yue’s voice floated in from the living room. She called out a few times, but getting no response, she bellowed, “Yue Tingfeng, are you listening to me?”

Yue Tingfeng turned his head over slowly, a look of pained expression on his face. “Mum, from this day onwards, my surname is no longer Yue, my surname is now the same as hers, please call me Yan Tingfeng.”


Rich man Yue: There used to be only that little slut who annoyed me, now even my own mother is on board, goodbye world!

[1]: A traditional Chinese dessert that is known to be nutritious and gut-protective.

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